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Food。 One of great pleasures of life。 Cakes and cupcakes, pizzas and hamburgers, soups and stews, croissants and creme brulee (my personal favourite), and many many more sweet and savoury dishes make our life so much more satisfying and wonderful! Lingvistov has been drawing funny comics and illustrations with food jokes for a long time and have chosen their favourite ones for this post to make all of your foodies there smile!

意思漫画。My favorite type of holiday is living as a recluse for a few days in the countryside. My daily life is quite hectic due to my work schedule .Additionally, the city I live in is filled with noise and air pollution, making the countryside a sight for soar eyes -the tranquility and peacefulness of the countryside always has me feeling rejuvenated after just a few days. In the end, while there are many amazing cities and towns in the world, going to the countryside is my favourite holiday because I simply want to kick back and  relax whenever I have the luxury of a few work-free days.


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