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9159com金沙网站 1 Most of us don‘t really take the time to pay careful attention to the product instructions we receive when purchasing an item - however, you should。 大许多人买了东西都不会花时间去细心看付加物表明,不过你应当好赏心悦目看。 If not for the instructions themselves, at least for the hiddeneastereggs。 固然不是的确为了看表明,起码去看看掩盖的彩蛋吧。 Bored Panda has created a list of the funniest instructions and tags you‘ll be glad you bothered to read。 Bored Panda网站列举了风华正茂密密麻麻最风趣的制品认证和标签,你会很钟爱本身用心看了。 Some of them are so obvious and stupid they‘ll make you question where humanity is going。 有些真的太明白太蠢了,看了未来依旧会令你对人类去何处跟哪些人产生疑心。 Others are so unexpectedly smart and witty, they will surprise you with their originality。 某些则表现出震动的小聪明,令你惊讶于它们新奇的创新意识。 One thing is for sure, most of them will put a smile on your face。 但无疑的是,看了以往大多数都会博你一笑。 #1 The Only Reason We Read These Anymore 小编们读这些唯风姿浪漫原因9159com金沙网站 2


Rain in ACStar 10C
Problem Description
Maybe you have heard of Super Cow AC who is the great general of ACM Empire. However, do you know where he is from?
This is one of the ten biggest secrets of this world! And it is time to expose the truth!
Yes, Super Cow AC is from ACStar which is ten million light-year away from our earth. No one, even AC himself, knows how AC came to our home. The only memory in his head is the strange rain in ACStar.
Because of the special gravity of ACStar, the raindrops in ACStar have many funny features. They have arbitrary sizes, color and tastes. The most interesting parts of the raindrops are their shapes. When AC was very young, he found that all the drops he saw in air were convex hull. Once the raindrops fell to the ground, they would be absorb by the soil.
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This year is set to be AC-year. In recognition of Great General AC's contribution to our empire, the Emperor decided to build a huge AC park. Inside this park there is a laboratory to simulate the rain in ACStar. As a researcher of this lab, you are appointed to measure the volume of rain absorbed by soil. To simplify this problem, scientists put the rain into two-dimensional plane in which the ground is represented as a straight line and the raindrops are convex polygon. So the area of the graphics stands for the volume of raindrops.
You will receive two types of instructions:
1.R P (This type of instructions tell you sufficient information about the raindrops.)
2.Q A B (Ask you to report the volume of rain absorbed by soil of [A,B].)
Instructions are given in chronological order.


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The first line of the inputs is T(no more than 10), which stands for the number of test cases you need to solve.
After T, the inputs will be each test case. The first line of each case will be N(no more than 25000), representing for the numbers of instructions. The following N lines will give instructions of the two types.
For each instruction of type 1, it will be followed by a line listing P (at least 3 and at most 5) points representing the convex polygon of the coming raindrop. The points are started by the leftmost point and are given in counterclockwise order. It's guaranteed that no points of the same raindrop are in the same vertical line.
All numbers are positive integer no more than 1000000000.

#2 This Top-gear T-shirt Label Top-gear 胸罩的领标9159com金沙网站 5

1 Machine wash (机洗)

For each instruction of type 2, output the corresponding result, which should be printed accurately rounded to three decimals.
It is guaranteed that the result is less than 1e8.


2 Machine wash (permanent press卡塔尔 (机洗免烫)

Sample Input
Q 1 100
R 4
10 10 11 10 13 11 12 11
Q 10 11
Q 1 100
R 3
100 20 120 20 110 30
Q 1 100
Q 12 120

#3 The Instructions For My New Dog Shampoo 小狗香波使用表达9159com金沙网站 6

3 Machine wash (gentle cycle卡塔尔(英语:State of Qatar) (轻柔机洗)

Sample Output


4 Hand wash (手洗)

#4 Clothing Label 衣着标签9159com金沙网站 7

5 Water temperature not above 40C (最高清洗温度40摄氏度)


9159com金沙网站,6 Do not wash (不可清洗)

#5 This Is The Better Kind Of Clothing Label 那一个衣裳标签好有的9159com金沙网站 8

7 Do not bleach (不可漂白)


8 Tumble dry (滚筒干燥)

#6 This Hoodie‘s Tag Has Life Instructions 大器晚成件有生活评释的卫衣9159com金沙网站 9

9 Do not iron (不可熨烫)


10 Do not wring (不可拧干)

#7 Best Lotion Instructions Ever? 时至今天最佳的乳液表达?9159com金沙网站 10

11 Do not dry clean (不可干洗)


12 Drip dry (悬挂滴干)

#8 I Hate Shirts With Complicated Wash Instructions 自己看不惯衣性格很顽强在险阻艰难或巨大压力面前不屈上复杂的保洁表达9159com金沙网站 11



Fewer than one in seven people can correctly identify common washing symbols while a third of Britons admit they never check instruction labels.

#9 Hand Towel Dispenser Instructions 纸巾机使用表达9159com金沙网站 12



Some seven in ten confessed they have machine washed items that should have gone to the dry cleaners because they failed to look at the labels.

#10 My Friend Was Putting Together Her Furniture And This Was In The Instructions9159com金沙网站那么些洗衣标识你能看懂多少个,国外那叁个奇葩表达书。 本身朋友组家具时在操作表明上看出了这么些9159com金沙网站 13



The ignorance about how clothes should be cleaned can cost families thousands of pounds, according to a sample test of householders by school uniform supplier Trutex.


Men are the worst offenders with more than three quarters (78 percent) always using the same programme on a washing machine regardless of the instructions.


Almost half of women (48 percent) used just three programmes or less.


While almost eight out of ten people (79 percent) believe it is important to check the labels on their clothes, less than half (39 percent) look at them when buying a new item.


In the test some nine out of ten said they were unaware that some clothing should never be put in the tumble drier.


Ironing was the most understood symbol however six in ten people automatically use a high heat steam without checking.


Most women (90 percent) said they had learned how to wash clothes when helping their mothers as young girls with almost all (95 percent) separating out whites and colors.


This compares with only 15 percent of men who helped their mothers or washed their own dirty linen when at home.


One in four said they never looked at instructions and one in six had never used a washing machine.


Overall less than half (47 percent) of all who took part in the study 'often' check labels.


Matthew Easter, managing director at Trutex said: 'The research shows a huge lack of knowledge when it comes to knowing what care labels mean and an ignorance of their importance.


'The labels are there so the best care can be taken of fabrics and show how they should be treated.


'This helpful information can save time and money and ensure clothes last longer.'



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