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We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to choose the movie clichés annoy the hell out of them。 Here are some of their responses!

乌克兰语中的句子并不总是遵循着主语 动词 宾语的原理。跟大家的母语相通,不时主语什么也不做,可是却以致外人去做些事情。所以,逻辑上大家把引致外人走路的动词叫使役动词。最普及的使用动词有:let / make / have / get.


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It’s late at night。 You’re dead tired。 You lie down in bed and close your eyes, wanting to get a goodnight sleep。 You toss and turn, take on all the sleeping positions you love, and count sheep in your head… only to find that more than an hour has passed and you’re still wide awake。 What’s wrong with you?


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♦ Do you like Linda’s new hairstyle? She had her hair cut yesterday.

first one:DO you know how old are you?

Do eat moist food. According to traditional Chinese medicine, autumn corresponds to the lungs of the human body. The lungs are especially vulnerable to the influence of dryness. The most convenient and easy way to nourish lungs in autumn is to drink more water. In addition, you can adopt the diet therapy of traditional Chinese medicine, eating some food with moisture, like pear, yam, sugar cane and duck meat.

Chances are, you probably ate something that’s keeping you up right before bedtime。 If you don’t want to have insomnia come knocking into your bedroom, stay away from these 13 worst foods to eat at night。 These are the kinds of foods that will prevent you from getting a shuteye and well-deserved rest。


♦ Why don’t you get your hair cut in a new style?




2。 Defibrillators having magical properties that can bring people back to life, even when not used properly。

♦ The teacher made us do four hours homework yesterday.

                      DO you know how old your parents are?你精通您父母多大吗?

Do have digestible food. People's spleen and stomach functions are weakened because of the raw and cold food they had during the long, hot summer. So in autumn, you should give your spleen and stomach a rest. For example, you can choose some nutritious food that is easy to digest, such as fish, red bean, lotus root and kelp.

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♦ A lot of parents let their teenage children drink alcohol at home.

SECOND ONE:do you know your birthday date?


  1、 Chocolate巧克力

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♦ You shouldn’t let your dog annoy people on the beach.


Do take vitamin supplements. Vitamins play an important role in the body's immune system. The number and vitality of immune cells are related to vitamins when the body resists foreign invasion. It is recommended that you eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C, such as kiwi and oranges.

Chocolate has caffeine though, especially dark chocolate。 Caffeine is normally found in the cacao pods used to make chocolate。 It is the same thing present in coffee which gives you that morning jolt。 It also contains another stimulant – theobromine。 Theobromine causes your heart to race and will make sleeping difficult。 The one type of chocolate you can eat at night is white chocolate。 It does not contain theobromine and has little to no caffeine。

3。 Characters at bars never having to pay or show ID。

♦ Do you think parents should let their teenage children smoke at home?

                      do you know your parentsbirthday date?




♦ My parents won’t let me go out.

THIRD ONE:do you know whats your favourite food?

Don't eat irritating food. In autumn, the immune function of the human body will be significantly weakened, people should eat less irritating food, like spicy food and cold food, which could cause some ulcers and inflammation in the intestinal tract.

  2、 Spicy food辣的食物


♦ If you let me drive your car to the party, I’ll wash the dishes.



Digestion slows down during sleep。 And because it takes extra effort for the body to digest spicy food, it will have a harder time doing so during sleep。 It has also been suggested in some studies that eating spicy foods disrupts the sleep by causing nightmares。 Avoid spicy meals at least two to three hours before going to bed。


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                    do you know whats your parents favourite food?

Don't take too many health tonics. Some people choose to take tonics to improve their immune system in autumn. But that can be too much burden for human body.


5。Womenstillbeinghairlesswithgroomedeyebrowsinthemidstofapost-apocalyptic wasteland。




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let 名词 动词原形

    HOW many questions can you answer?only one?ortwo? or you can answer all the questions?MAY BE you will think that not important,this questions cant means if or noti love my parents,although i cant answeranyone,but i still love my parents,BUT i want to say,if this small things you cant answer how can you love your parents?LOVE IS IN THE DETAILS


3、 Coffee咖啡


My neighbour lets his children play computer games when they are at the dinner table!


Sleep is important for people to restore their physical strength, ensure their health and enhance their immunity. The autumn weather is cool and suitable for a good night's sleep.

It’s not surprising。 Caffeine is specifically a central nervous system stimulant。 It takes a total of 6 hours for your body to get rid of half the caffeine found in a cup of coffee。 Drinking three 8 oz。 cups of coffee in a day is deemed moderate but it is best that you avoid having a cup at least 12 hours before going to sleep。


make 名词 动词原形

        HAVE you ever seen such as scene:a new baby was born.all the people are around the baby,but no one worry about the mother




I never made my children do homework. I believed that it was their responsibility.


Therefore, in autumn, it is suggested that you go to bed at 9 pm, or try to fall asleep before 11 o'clock. According to traditional Chinese medicine, autumn represents yin. Yang Qi, the Yang spirit, is deficient and Yin Qi, the Yin spirit, is the most abundant at Zishi (11 pm – 1 am). So if you sleep at that time, you can nourish yin while having a sound sleep.

  4、 Alcoholic beverages酒精饮品


I make my dog sleep outside at night. I make him eat outside too.

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Alcohol did enable healthy people to fall asleep faster and get deep sleep for some time。 However, it reduces their rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, the only phase during the sleep cycle when the body recovers and prepares itself for the waking part of the day。 It is recommended to limit alcoholic beverage intake to 1 to 2 servings and to drink them 4 to 6 hours before bedtime。 To ensure good sleep, it is best you avoid it。


make 名词 形容词

        HAVE you ever seen such a scene:the baby is sleeping very well,but her mother cant sleep even cant move anymore,just lying down like a portrait stone.

People are usually recommended to sleep at least 8 hours every day, and those who are physically weak and sick should appropriately increase sleep time.






  5、 Fatty food高脂肪食品

“The vast majority of women sleep in their underwear and a tiny little top。 Reality is we sleep in oversized T-shirts and that pair of leggings。”

Chocolate makes people happy!

          HAVE you ever seen such a scene:in the hospital all the person are eating but the mother cant eat anything,shecant drink anything,even she was very thristy,she just can use a wet cotton wet lips to quench her thrist.


Scientists conducted a study at the University of Minnesota and Minneapolis Veterans’ Affairs Medical Center。 They found that foods high in fat may decrease the quality of sleep in humans。 They placed rats on a high fat diet for 8 weeks to investigate its effects on sleep, carefully monitoring their sleep-wake cycle and comparing them to rats which were maintained on their regular diet。 Results revealed that the sleep cycle of rats which were on a high fat diet turned for the worst。 While these rats slept for longer periods than those on regular diet, they had more fragmented sleep and had difficulty staying awake during the day。


The news on TV makes some people depressed.


To stay energetic throughout the day in autumn, it is an ideal way to do two or three high-intensity exercises a week, with low-intensity fitness workouts, such as yoga, walking or weight-bearing training, in between. Even if you are not tired, you will feel relaxed if you have a few limb stretches.



Exams make most people nervous.

    IF you havent see,am so lucky,i see a mum

首秋到了,为了保障一整日都精力过人,最棒周周做两到一遍高强度运动,佐以一回低强度的强健身体训练,举个例子瑜伽(印地语:योग卡塔尔(英语:State of Qatar)、走步或承重练习。虽然你不累,随便伸展一下四肢也会让您以为放松部分。

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Shopping makes me tired.

Come out from the operation room lying like a portrait stone.

6、 Red meats红肉


chocolate, TV news, 还应该有exams影响了激情. Depressed 和 tired 是ed结尾的形容词/过去分词

假诺您从未观看这自个儿很幸运,作者看到了,我见状了三个老母从手術室里出来像一个石像同样躺着。i see a mum didnt eat anything.didnt drink anything in twelve hours,may be more than twelve hours。

Some foods like milk, peanut butter, and cheese contain healthy amounts of protein that promote a restful sleep。 They are best taken with high-carbohydrate foods for an even better sleep。 Red meats are rich in protein。 While they are great for weight loss, they contain too much protein。 If not paired with carbohydrates during a nighttime meal and when eaten in excess amounts, red meats and other high protein foods can prevent you from sleeping well。 Unlike carbohydrates which are fairly easy to digest, the body has a hard time breaking down protein。


have 名词 动词原形

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“Whenever they turn on the TV, the news channel is reporting on that exact crime that same moment。 They could easily change this to the characters checking that news on social media sites or someone forwarding that news to their messengers。”

I have the doctorcheckmy blood pressure every visit.


7、 Cereals燕麦


I always have my daughtercookdinner on the days I see the doctor.

i see a mum,she feel so sleepy,BUT when her baby is crying,she wake up quickly to check her baby。

Cereals are typically eaten during breakfast but some folks enjoy making snacks out of them throughout the day。 Pairing them with milk in the evening is said to promote sleep, especially since milk has some protein and tryptophan。 But this sleep-inducing effect depends largely on what kind of cereal you are eating before going to bed。 Majority of the cereals available in the market today have excess amounts of sugar。


have 名词 过去分词




I had my teeth whitened last week.

i see a mum when she is sleeping she still didnt forget protect her baby.

The main reason why cereals are recommended for encouraging sleep is because it is a high-carbohydrate food。 Carbohydrates are quite easy to digest so it doesn’t take much toll on your body during sleep。 And because they are paired with milk, a food highly acclaimed for its benefits with regards to sleep, it is no wonder that some people would eat a bowl of cereal at night。 Eating cereals rich in sugar unfortunately cancels these beneficial effects。


My husband will have his car serviced tomorrow.




get 名词 过去分词

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  8、 Vegetables and fruits蔬菜与水果

“Don’t you realise how annoying having your hair in your face is when you‘re trying to concentrate?”

9159com金沙网站这份养生攻略请收好,20个烂俗电影桥段。I get my hair cut once a month.

i see a mum she dont want eat something,but for her baby have enough milk ,she must eat that food she dont want to eat.

People say that vegetables are good for you。 But this is not the case with some vegetables, especially when you’re trying to have a good night’s sleep。


Linda gets her house cleaned every week.




get 名词 不定式

  THIS is my mum when i know these things ,i said i wont have baby,BUT my mum said its a happiness things as a women.

Cauliflower and broccoli make nice examples for this。 These vegetables contain tryptophan, the same amino acid present in proteins that regulates sleep。 Tryptophan does this by assisting in the production of serotonin, a hormone that induces sleepiness。 Unfortunately, cauliflower and broccoli are also high in roughage。 The roughage makes them difficult to digest。 If you eat these vegetables too close to sleeping time, you will still be able to get some shut eye。 But your body will take time in digesting them, preventing it from relaxing completely。


A lot of parents are trying to get their childrento playmore sport.




How can we get childrento eatmore vegetables?

        SOplease love your parents may be your parents always angry with you,always beat you,always told you,you are wrong,always said you should do this,you shouldnt do this.

Other vegetables that are high in fiber or roughage are bran, cabbage, leafy greens, celery, squash, beans, and white mushrooms。 These are veggies you can freely enjoy throughout the day except at night。 Some fruits like oranges and raspberries don’t make ideal bedtime snacks either。


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同类高纤维蔬菜还会有麸、洋白菜、绿叶蔬菜、水芹、南瓜、黄豆和白冬菇等,那一个蔬菜你能够在青霄白日尽情分享,正是别在入睡之前吃好啊? 水果中有青橙、山抛子等不妥贴睡觉前食用。

15。Kidsinmoviesbeingsuper-precocious andwise。


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  9、 Sweets甜食



    MAY  BE your parents always nag at you have meal on time,dont waste your money,dont go outside alone, dont be tired,take card of your self,dont drink too much beers,please dont be impatient,just told them ok i see,ok you too, they always nag at you,because they care you,they love you ,no matter how old are you,no matter if or not you get married,you are still their baby.

We all know that sweets give you that jolt of energy called a “sugar rush”。 It is exactly this which will prevent you from sleeping early in the evening, and could keep you up for up to hours depending on the amount of sugar you consumed。 But then you experience the “sugar crash” where you are left feeling tired or drained。 By the time you hit the sack, you will have less hours of sleep – not what you need if you want to feel fully rested in the morning。

16。 Movies pretending that slim female characters eat nothing but junk food all the time and never exercise。






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10、 Junk food垃圾食品

17。 People planning dates without exchanging any important details。



You’re craving。 Junk foods come in many forms。 There are candy bars, potato chips, and fast food for starters。 But because they are typically high in fats or sugars, giving in to your craving is actually a bad idea。


学Türkiye Cumhuriyeti语不能够输在起跑线上,


18。 Nobody eating the food they order at restaurants。


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11、 Water水

19。 People drinking from obviously empty cups。

Crazy, right? Drink too much water before bedtime you will curse yourself for the night to make several trips to the bathroom。 You can keep yourself from drinking water at least 2 hours before bedtime。



20。 Girls only being considered attractive once they straighten their hair and get rid of their glasses。



Carbonated sodas are bad for sleep due to a couple of reasons。 They are acidic, they contain copious amounts of sugar, they are considered to be ‘junk foods’, and they have caffeine。