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There are many amazing things to see and do in England。 Whether you like visiting museums and cathedrals, checking out haunted castles and pubs, or exploring old ruins, the country is filled to the brim of interesting places to visit。 Some things may take full days to see, while others can be done in just a few hours。 So whatever spare time you have, there will be something on this list that you can see。

Dear Friends,


As a person not very good at geographic and history, it was a hard task to me to arrange the two weeks trip without any hand to help. Thanks for the APPs and suggestion I found online and the followingtips for your planning of the trip and vacation.

1。 Buckingham Palace: The State Rooms and Garden Highlights Tour

1.Fixed the time period of your trip at first. And plan your Visa Issue at first. To apply the visa to Switzerland just need 3 working days if you prepared the whole package. (I use the agency select on www.Taobao.com as for consultant)


Don't forget to buy an insurance. If you find an agency, to see whether they include the insurance in the service package.

You can combine a trip to the palace with a guided tour of the State Rooms and the gardens。 Guided tours take place in English, and they include the Exhibition of Royal Gifts, and the Music Room (a tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales)。

2.Select which scenic spot you want and make the decision which kind of you tour style you like, to have a very casual and depth understanding for a country or city or have a tight tour schedule to visit more scenic spots.


(learning the information of scenic spot and country orcity, I use the APP or online web address of http://guide.qyer.com/)

If the weather permits then you should definitely try to see the magnificent gardens, and allow a full day for this tour。

Hereafter is the Brief introduction for how I use http://guide.qyer.com/, I haven’t found the English version for my system all setting in Chinese, you could try on your system.


You could search Country or city which you are interested in.

2。 The Tower of London

And you will find there is a manual with followingstructure:


- Overall introduction for the country or city

You will find this on the north bank of the River Thames。 It was founded in 1066 and played a great part in the Norman Conquest of England。

-The typical scenic spots you can visit


-Recommended trip route (sometime it will give a short trip route or depth tour route, normally the scenic spots recommended on the first one or two days trip in these routes will be listed on my trip list for my first visit and the schedule could be more relax)

You will see exhibits of royal armour, the amazing Crown Jewels, the Royal Mint, and exhibitions of executions。 The building cover 18 acres so be prepared for a lot of walking!Plan on spending a whole day here。

-The local festival or activities introduction, normally you could learn more detail by click the link.


-scenic spots introduction (you could combine the information with the recommend route to select the scenic spots you’d like to visit finally) almost all the scenic spots, you could rent a audio guide.

3。 Chartwell

-Transportation, accommodation and restaurant recommended (I will elaborate more for my trip as following).



This was the home of Winston Churchill and is a very popular attraction。 Churchill lives here from 1924 until his death in 1965 and you will be able to see hundreds of photographs and momentoes。 The gardens are worth taking a look at, as they include lakes and walking trails。 Tickets to the house are times, so buy them online or as soon as you arrive so you have less waiting time。

-Some brief information for visa, tour center, map for emergency


-And other information for your reference.

Allow at least a half day to see this。

3.Get rough plan from the following two views:


a) Register into a package tour in whole from China or locally in Europe (you could find many trip packages online, which I normally use “www.Ctrip.com”and you could find the package trip on http://guide.qyer.com/,but normally they are Chinese one and you could try to find an English package tour or American Agency or Local agency.)

4。 Cambridge University

i. Advantage: you have a tourist guide to introduce some cultural and history. And the transportation is well planned and with high efficiency.


ii.Disadvantage: miss the chance to experience the local life style.

This is the fourth oldest surviving university in the world。 Trinity College is famous for the carved chapel, which is a masterpiece of Baroque style architecture。

(There is a joke that the tourist guide told me that Chinese is not travelling who is just like go to a fair (laughing and crying), so package tour I mentioned may not suit to you. I join a short 3 days tour which was part of a two weeks tour package that they are half of the time is on the way. )


b) Planned by yourself for all the views you like.

Today the university has a population of 18,000 students on its 31 campuses。

i.Book the air ticket, local travel ticket, and accommodation by yourself


ii. Arrange the route by yourself

You should allow a half day to see this。

iii. More causal and relax


  1. How to plan by yourself.

5。 The Eden Project

a) Transportation:


i. Air ticket for round trip from China to Europe: book on www.Ctrip.com, you could set the price alert for your price target on APP of Ctrip. The price normally changes everyday. And now is good to have cheaper rate for the winter season.

The Eden Project offers an incredible collection of plants from all around the world, along with some amazing works of art。 It also plays host to many music events。

ii. Transportation among cities in Europe:by comparing the transportation efficiency and convenience as well as the economic comparison, I selected the point to point train tickets booked online (www.Ctrip.com)in advance as soon as I fixed the cities to be visited.


You could also book Eurail Pass online www.eurail.com/cn, which you could use to get on the train in the valid period.

The domes are located in a reclaimed quarry and look similar to igloo shaped greenhouses。 Each dome has a different environment inside。 The Eden project is the home of invaluable conservation research。

Frankly speaking,if you could well plan your trip before you start your trip, point to point ticket will be more economic. Which is far more cheaper than an eurail pass for you could get big discount by book the ticket earlier.


Kindly note that: use the e-ticket or pick up the ticket locally for I forgot one of my paper tickets at home and waste it (crying:’()

You can buy an advanced annual passto receive 10% off full ticket price。

The reasons for why I chose point to point train tickets:


        A. Time efficiency and convenience: the train stations are normally in the downtown of European cities.

Plan on spending the entire day there。 There are snack bars and restaurants where you can grab a bite。 As it covers 10 hectares, wear good walking shoes!

        B. Economic than air ticket.


        C. Your time on train will not waste for the out window view.

6。 Lanhydrock

iii. Transportation in cities:


    A.There is bus tour ticket for big cities which setting a good route for the typical scenic spots and  there are many languages to be selected on bus for the introduction for the scenic spots you have passed (its supper awesome for self-serve trip, remember to get the route map and you headset from the bus driver). You could get on or off at the spot you in valid time. You could firstly to visit all the scenic spots on bus at all to have an overview and then select two or three best scenic spots you want to visit to get off and spend more time.

When you first see this magnificent house, you may be reminded of ‘Upstairs, Downstairs’, which is all about life in Victorian England。 Rebuilt after a fire in 1881 it is complete with roasting ovens and warming cupboards。 It even has a flushable toilet!

    Take Paris as example, I bought two days bus tour tickets in airport. The first day I go around for all the scenic spots (with my luggage)and second day I selected three typical scenic spots to    visit.


    Tips: do you know Shanghai has that bus tour too, you could have your Shanghai overview tour too and select which you like to have a depth visit.

Look for the drawing room which is packed with antiques and artwork。 The kitchens were some of the first to have a refrigerator room, while the Long Gallery is well renowned for the ornate plaster ceiling。

  B. By bus or subway with one day ticket or one time/short time ticket.


  C. Rent a car if you have countryside tour.(you could find link via www.ctrip.com too)

The porcelain collection dates back to the 18th century and you will find many pieces by Josiah Wedgwood。

b). Accommodation:


i. Hotels: You could book hotels via www.ctip.com and www.booking.com or Ctrip app. Or any other APP you found is good.

Allow at least a half day here, although you may spend longer if you eat your lunch outside in the magnificent gardens。

ii. Airbnb: you could register with link https://abnb.me/e/SLmFr5aLwI to get $30 coupon for your first book. I used Airbnb a lot for I want to cook something in case my son didn’t like the restaurant food and then I finally found that at most time it was lucky for me that it was hard for me to eat western food in restaurant for two weeks and I could cook for myself (laughing with crying).


And I found that it’s very interesting and good experience of local life by booking homestay house. And more relax and causal for me just like home. See my booking on Airbnb for your reference, They are very nice, right? Airbnb is highly recommended for your self-serve trip.

7。 City of Bath

图片 1


Picture for Paris Home

There are many attractions in the city of Bath。 500 of the city’s buildings are of historical importance, and the entire city has World heritage status。 Visit the Royal Crescent to see the honey coloured Georgian houses。 Spend some time exploring the Roman Baths which are 2,000 years old。

My son said he likes the homestay more than hotels. Every time we movers to a new house, he would call it as our new home.


图片 2

Bath also makes a very good location to visit further afield to places like the Avon Valley and the Mendip Hills。

Picture for Rome Home



You should plan to spend more than a day here, depending on whether you plan on using Bath as your base and exploring other areas。

No matter hotels or Airbnb, please take the following items for some hotels not provided and most Airbnb house didn’t provide.


- Scanned copy of your passport for my husband was stolen in Paris when he was in the train station. Fortunately, no important thing was lost.

8。 The Malvern Hills

- Toothbrush


- Toothpaste

If walking, rambling, and hiking are what appeals to you, then head for these hills。 3,000 acres of spectacular beauty。 Some areas of the rocks are the oldest in Britain and date back 680 million years。

- Slippers


- Power adapter for it’s different for Chinese standard and Europe standard.

超全攻略。Worcester Beacon stands at a height of 1,394 feet and will give you one of the best views in the area。

- Umbrella


- All other daily use items necessary

The hills comprise of the counties of Worcestershire, Herefordshire and a small section of Gloucestershire。

For Airbnb, fixed where and when to get you key in advance.


Clean the house before you leave just like treating your own house and in case you forget something.

If you prefer to take your RV or camp then you will find information about camp sites in the area。

c). Restaurant


I found there was not so reliable for the restaurant score and suggestion for Chinese restaurant on google map. I didn’t use google map for western restaurant and then try to find the expensive one or famous one:P.

Allow yourself at least half a day to hike or ramble, although you may do one of the many trails which take all day。

My son slept too early so normally I don't’ have too much chance to have enjoy my dinner outside.


I’m waiting for your suggestion for this part after your trip :P

9。 Hadrian’s Wall

      In Paris, to find good restaurant of sea food, it’s really famous in Europe


      In Germany, you could enjoy meat and Italy food, turkey food.

The fortification was built by the Romans in AD122 and stretches from the west coast at Ravenglass across to Wallsend on the east coast。

      In Italy, Pizza


In this trip, my friends in Germany were really liked the Chinese food I cooked there which I thought it was far more better than the Chinese restaurant I have taken by searched with high score in google (Thanks for the SHANGHAI supermarket just in the next street of where I lived). I think I like Chinese food more and more as much as oversea visit experience I had (laughing and crying).

There is still a large portion of the wall standing with the longest sections being between Newcastle and Carlisle。 Look out for signs for Chollerford or Walton as this stretch is in good condition。 You will notice many remains of forts as well as a temple which was dedicated to a goddess named Mithras。 You will find this at Carrawburgh。

d). Supermarket

哈德良古长城的墙体有很大一部分至今仍屹立不倒,最长的墙体位于纽卡斯尔 和卡莱尔 之间。记得留心在乔勒福德和沃尔顿两地驻足哟,因为这两地的哈德良古长城保存最为完好。你会观赏到许多堡垒的遗迹,还有一座供奉密特拉神的神庙。

Use google map to find supermarket nearest, and it’s conveniencenormally open on 7 o’clock and closed by 8 or 9 o’clock in evening. Google mapwill show the work time I think.

You should allow at least a half day, although if you are an avid rambler, then a day may suit you better。

e) Europe Phone number with 4G mobile data traffic


Yes, you could purchase a phone number use specific foryour trip in Europe with 4g mobile data traffic. I purchased on Taobao but thelink is invalid now, you could find a new one if you need.

10。 Durham Castle

Buy it in advance with enough delivery time for you need toget it delivered to you. And don’t throw away the card package.


Trying to read through the comments by other users as much as possible to identify whether most of the comments is reliable or not.

Erectedduring the 11th century, this castle was a strong point for king Norman。 It is now part of University College, Durham。 You can still see the early bailey and motte style castle。

Above all, I'm really enjoying the planning with my husband for my trip and even some good or bad surprises which may not happened if selected a package tour. Just like, the first day I arrived in Paris, we met our uncle in the train station. It was really a big surprise and we had supper together on the second day. But if I was in package trip, I may not so lucky to meet him. And the experience to live as an local was very interesting too even it's somehow more tired by self-serve than joined into a tourist team especially with a 4 years old child.


My trip route for your reference:

The castle is open to the public although you must pre-book a guided tour。

Day 1-Day 3: Paris, two days bus tour, one day Disney


Day 4: morning train go to Kolner, have a half day tour in Kolner.

The view from the top of the hill is of Durham Peninsula across the River Wear。 On a clear day you will be able to see Durham Cathedral。

Day 5: noon train to Munich, it was a nice train view of Rhine: ICE


Day6: tour to Schloss Neuschwanstein

Plan on spending a half day here。

Day7: Tour to downtown of Munich, and 4:30 pm train to Schaffhausen


    (Day 6-7,My friend provided the guide in my Munich stay)

Can‘t wait to start now? You can find the whole list in the link down here:

Day8: Tour to the biggest waterfall of Europe, the churchnear to the hotel and IWC museum


Day9-11: short time local package tour in a tourist groupfrom Zuich to Rome(all the trip arrangement was booked before starting thevacation)


        Day9: Mountain Titlis,and Lucerne

Don‘t settle for just dreaming about it。 Pack your suitcase。 Let’s do it。

        Day10: Venice


        Day 11: Rome

Day 12-14: Self-serve trip to Rome

        Day 12: Downtown tour

        Day 13: Vatican in the morning and small shopping in the afternoon (highly recommended for the church, to visit it on morning, you will need to wait at least 45 minutes to get into it for waiting for safety check in afternoon in winter season, even not mentioned in other season. You could get audio guide APP by pay for 5euros for each account)

        Day 14: Rest in the day and packaging. Tax refund in airport and flight back to Shanghai in evening.

The Safety is not as bad as mentioned if you could carefully watch out your stuffs and didn't stay outside too long or in remote place in evening. But still need your patience for any risk.

Enjoy your trip:P

Best Regards!