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​​✸✸THE first time that Ronald Reaganappeared ona newspaper front page was as a teenage lifeguard, hailed for saving a drowning man from a fast-flowing river. The future president was not yet “Ronnie”, America’s reassuring, twinkling, optimist-in chief. He was still “Dutch”, to use his childhood nickname: a slim,bespectacledyouth, serious to the point of priggishness. A biographer, Garry Wills, unearthed a high school year book in which Reagan scolded swimmers he pulled from the cool,treacherousRock River, near his boyhood home of Dixon, Illinois. “A big hippopotamus with a sandwich in each hand, and some firewater tanked away,” Reagan wrote of one. Each summer from 1927 to 1932 the teenager would rise early to collect a 300lb block of ice and hamburger supplies before driving in his employer’s van to the river, working12 hours a day, seven days a week. The post offered responsibility, money for college and stability in a childhoodblightedby frequent moves, brushes with financial ruin and his father’s drinking. There was glory, too: in all he saved 77 lives. A picture of the Rock River hung in Reagan’s Oval Office.

万圣节的英文名称是:All 哈尔low's Day


Integrated Writing

Both the reading and the listening content about communal online encyclopedias. The reading thinks the communal online encyclopedias are less valuable than traditional, printed encyclopedias. However, the professor disagrees and gives three explainations.

To begin with, the professor in listening thinks there are references in communal online encyclopedias to make them more scientific and accurate, though the reading states that contributors to a communal online encyclopedia often lack academic credentials. Besides, the professor also says that the online encyclopedias are easier to correct if there are any mistakes in the online one than the traditional one.

The second point of difference concerns the hacking. The lecture asserts that online encyclopedias have ways to protect the article from hackers or vandals. The first one is to allow readers only have abilities to read and there is nobody can build or change the encyclopedias. The second one is to allow special editors to change the article.

Finally, the reading believes that the communal encyclopedias creates a false impression of what is important and what is not, while the professor in lecture disagrees. She thinks that the reason of the traditional one only provides a considered view is limiting by the space of paper. But in online one, there is not such problem.

How old is too old to go trick-or-treating? As Halloween approaches, Chesapeake, Virginia says the answer to that question is anyone over the age of 12.

1) appear on 英 [əˈpiə ɔn]   美 [əˈpɪr ɑn]  在…出现;表演


二〇一六-10-30 大脚看天下

Independent Writing

Life today is easier and more comfortable than it was when your grandparents were children.
There is a general discussion about the quality of life. One of this question under debate is which is better, the quality of life in 60 years ago or now. Some people believed that life today is easier and more comfortable than it was when sixty years ago, while others hold the opposite opinion. As far as I am concerned, the front one is much convincible. There are three points from living, education,(!!)and welfare explaining to my agreement as follows.

First, now people need not think about how to survive in hunger, illness or lacking living shelter, which feels easier about their difficult life. As time goes by, the technologies of planting and pharmacy developed a lot. Those disasters or illnesses which people could not get rid of won’t be any problems now. Although the number of population in the world is in a rising stage, new grain species guarantee the product by the biological improvement. Besides, people now don’t bother with the residence. The government in China, for example, provides with charity houses for civil servants and settling buildings for peasants. Therefore, life today meets the physiological needs of people.
Second, when people want to be a better man, they have the great convenience to learn. For students in school, they have the more comfortable environment and more advanced equipment. Now students are allowed to use iPad in class to do the homework or exercise in the class. To our surprise, while teachers are writing on the board, notes are sending to students’ iPad automatically. Similarly, for those people on the work and they have less time to take courses at school, they can learn using the online learning website, MOOC, via Internet. There are alternative sources for any kinds of learners.
**Third, people today have greater welfare even when people become old. **Old people have a great number of subsidies from the government. Such as my grandmother, she earned less when she was at the working age than the pension she got today. Furthermore, they also have opportunities to learn new skills such as using of PC and reading at special universities opened to the aged. In addition, the aged now have more chances to enjoy. They don’t need to pay for the tickets of many parks and even buses. They have money and time, they could go anywhere in the world.
**From what I have discussed above, it is obviously that life today is easier and more comfortable than it was when my grandparents were children. **People today not only easily have the need for physiological satisfied but also try to achieve their psychological goals as many as possible.


The leading player is ill. Let his understudy to appear on the scene.


Halloween.....Alert !!

City officials recently announced that doorbell-ringing candy seekers over the age of 12 could face a misdemeanor charge, up to six months in jail, and $25 to $100 fines. They’re far from alone: WAVY’s hrScene reports that nine towns in Virginia have make it illegal for teens to trick-or-treat. The Associated Press reports that officials in Meridian, Mississippi, Bishopville, South Carolina, and Boonsboro, Maryland, also have set the cutoff age at 12. The phenomenon isn’t limited to the US: In 2017, Bathrust, a town in Canada, banned anyone older than 16.


Halloween is an observance celebrated on the night of October 31, most notably by children dressing in costumes and going door-to-door collecting candy. It is celebrated in much of the Western world, though most common in the United States, Puerto Rico, Republic of Ireland, the United Kingdom, Canada, and with increasing popularity in Australia and New Zealand. Halloween originated in Ireland as the pagan Celtic harvest festival, Samhain. Irish, Scots and other immigrants brought older versions of the tradition to North America in the 19th century. Most other Western countries have embraced Halloween as a part of American pop culture in the late 20th century.


切萨皮克市场经济理前段时间宣布,拾四虚岁以上的人按门铃要糖将会面对轻罪指控,最高可判处囚系7个月,罚款二十三日元到100美元(173元毛伯公到690元毛伯公)。不光是切萨Pique市,WAVY旗下的hrScene网址报纸发表称,维吉妮亚州的9个乡镇曾经立法禁止青少年玩“不给糖就扰民”。美国联合通信社简报称,亚利桑那州的莫瑞典王国市、亚拉巴马州的比Sharp维尔市、特拉华州的布恩斯伯勒小镇的企管者也都将这年纪定在十一岁。这场馆不光限于United States:二零一七年加拿大的BathRuss特镇不准十伍虚岁以上的人玩“不给糖就点火”。

2) bespectacled 英 [bɪˈspektəkld]   美 [bɪˈspɛktəkəld]  adj.戴老花镜的

The term Halloween, and its older spelling Hallowe'en, is shortened from All-hallow-even, as it is the evening before "All Hallows Day" (also known as "All Saints' Day"). In Ireland, the name was All Hallows Eve and this name is still used by some older people. Halloween was also sometimes called All Saints' Eve. The holiday was a day of religious festivities in various northern European pagan traditions, until it was appropriated by Christian missionaries and given a Christian interpretation. In Mexico November 1st and 2nd are celebrated as the "Dia de Los Muertos" Day of the Dead. Halloween is also called Pooky Night in some parts of Ireland, presumably named after the púca, a mischievous spirit. In Australia it is sometimes referred to as "mischief night", by locals.


There’s no widely accepted etiquette for who gets to trick-or-treat. Most kids naturally stop doing it when they become teenagers. Still, some parents believe they should preserve their kids’ childhood traditions as long as possible. This debate was the topic of a?Today?show segment in September 2017, and in an unofficial survey, 66% of viewers responded that there should be an age limit.

Mr Merrick was a slim, quiet, bespectacled man.

Halloween is sometimes associated with the occult. Many European cultural traditions hold that Halloween is one of the liminal times of the year when the spiritual world can make contact with the physical world and when magic is most potent (e.g. Catalan mythology about witches).




Halloween is an annual celebration, but just what is it actually a celebration of? And how did this peculiar custom originate? Is it, as some claim, a kind of demon worship? Or is it just a harmless vestige of some ancient pagan ritual?


Officials say they won’t be actively looking to catch teenage trick-or-treaters in the act. The age limits, along with measures like curfews, are part of a broader push to limit pranks and vandalism. Some parents think that preventing older kids from participating in Halloween traditions will have the opposite effect. Hans Broedel, a University of North Dakota history professor and expert on early traditions, told the AP that “trick-or-treating in a large part is embraced in this country because it serves to cut down on teenage vandalism,” adding “telling teenagers they can’t go trick-or-treating isn’t going to stop them from going out on Halloween.”

3) treacherous 英 [ˈtretʃərəs]   美 [ˈtrɛtʃərəs]  adj.奸诈的;骗人的;不忠的;不可靠的 adv.上树拔梯地

The word itself, "Halloween," actually has its origins in the Catholic Church. It comes from a contracted corruption of All Hallows Eve. November 1, "All Hollows Day" (or "All Saints Day"), is a Catholic day of observance in honor of saints. But, in the 5th century BC, in Celtic Ireland, summer officially ended on October 31. The holiday was called Samhain , the Celtic New year.

Halloween Is not the nice festival as peoplesays even with all the efforts they did to make it look like as an innocentprank ! Halloween is a satanic festival !!!



One story says that, on that day, the disembodied spirits of all those who had died throughout the preceding year would come back in search of living bodies to possess for the next year. It was believed to be their only hope for the afterlife. The Celts believed all laws of space and time were suspended during this time, allowing the spirit world to intermingle with the living.


A Facebook post last year argued that all kids, regardless of age, should be allowed to take part in trick-or-treating. It was shared more than 4,000 times, with close to 700 comments illustrating just how bitter this debate has gotten, according to?The Kansas City Star.

He publicly left the party and denounced its treacherous leaders

Naturally, the still-living did not want to be possessed. So on the night of October 31, villagers would extinguish the fires in their homes, to make them cold and undesirable. They would then dress up in all manner of ghoulish costumes and noisily paraded around the neighborhood, being as destructive as possible in order to frighten away spirits looking for bodies to possess.

It is themost important day for the satanist !!! it also celebrate the first day of the calendar of the wizards ! when everything goes dark. itis the day of the devil "Satan". Black and orange are the colors thatremind the color of Hell ( darkness and fire ). dressing your kids likemonsters or witch is a way to invocate the power of Evil !



Probably a better explanation of why the Celts extinguished their fires was not to discourage spirit possession, but so that all the Celtic tribes could relight their fires from a common source, the Druidic fire that was kept burning in the Middle of Ireland, at Usinach.


Some parents argued that kids shouldn’t be coddled. Others argued that even older kids should be encouraged to take part in the sense of wonder and excitement of Oct. 31, and most said they were willing to give candy to whoever darkens their stoop. That seems consistent with the scientific studies that find play is integral to helping children develop into healthy, well-adapted people, and that play encourages kids to develop collaboration and creativity.

4) blighted 英 [b'laɪtɪd]   美 [b'laɪtɪd]  adj.毁灭的 v.使凋萎( blight的过去式);使懊丧;损害;妨害

Some accounts tell of how the Celts would burn someone at the stake who was thought to have already been possessed, as sort of a lesson to the spirits. Other accounts of Celtic history debunk these stories as myth.

the deep purposeis to open a door to the children, so i make them believe that it is possiblefir them to ask for help from the dark forces ! (Do not dress your kids indemons, monsters or witches disguise them with anything else not demonic )


An embarrassing blunder nearly blighted his career before it got off the ground.

The Romans adopted the Celtic practices as their own. But in the first century AD, Samhain was assimilated into celebrations of some of the other Roman traditions that took place in October, such as their day to honor Pomona, the Roman goddess of fruit and trees. The symbol of Pomona is the apple, which might explain the origin of our modern tradition of bobbing for apples on Halloween.

深层的目标是为男女们展开鬼世界的大门。所以小编让他俩相信这有非常的大可能率是在向黑暗力量寻求支援! (不要令你的子女打扮成妖怪、怪物或然女巫,把她们装扮成其他不那么魔化的形象。)

Given how over-scheduled, anxious, and unhappy today’s teens are, maybe a little Halloween magic is exactly in order.


The thrust of the practices also changed over time to become more ritualized. As belief in spirit possession waned, the practice of dressing up like hobgoblins, ghosts, and witches took on a more ceremonial role.

toinvocate dark forces it is not a joke ! In USA in certain cities it is call"the Ball of Horror" where all perversions are allowed ! ( i said ALLperversions ) they will practice magic, make rituals to bring demons on earth ! and venerate Satan !


*✸✸**Strikingly***often, self-made Americans have stories to share about teenage jobs, involving alarm clocks clanging before dawn, aching muscles, stern bosses and soul-fortifying hours of boredom. In 1978, a record year in the annals of the Bureau of Labour Statistics, 72% of all teenagers were employed in July, the peak month for youthful ice-cream scooping, shelf-stacking and burger-flipping. But for two decades the traditional summer job has been in decline, with 43% of teens working in July 2016.

The custom of Halloween was brought to America in the 1840's by Irish immigrants fleeing their country's potato famine. At that time, the favorite pranks in New England included tipping over outhouses and unhinging fence gates.


1) strikingly 英 ['straɪkɪŋlɪ]   美 ['straɪkɪŋlɪ]  adv.醒目地,备受瞩目地;斐然可观

The custom of trick-or-treating is thought to have originated not with the Irish Celts, but with a ninth-century European custom called souling. On November 2, All Souls Day, early Christians would walk from village to village begging for "soul cakes," made out of square pieces of bread with currants. The more soul cakes the beggars would receive, the more prayers they would promise to say on behalf of the dead relatives of the donors. At the time, it was believed that the dead remained in limbo for a time after death, and that prayer, even by strangers, could expedite a soul's passage to heaven.

在United States有的城市,这种全方位贪腐行为都被允许的地点被称得上“恐怖晚上的聚会”!(笔者是说‘一切’堕落的表现)

And this is strikingly true this time around.

The Jack-o-lantern custom probably comes from Irish folklore. As the tale is told, a man named Jack, who was notorious as a drunkard and trickster, tricked Satan into climbing a tree. Jack then carved an image of a cross in the tree's trunk, trapping the devil up the tree. Jack made a deal with the devil that, if he would never tempt him again, he would promise to let him down the tree.



According to the folk tale, after Jack died, he was denied entrance to Heaven because of his evil ways, but he was also denied access to Hell because he had tricked the devil. Instead, the devil gave him a single ember to light his way through the frigid darkness. The ember was placed inside a hollowed-out turnip to keep it glowing longer.


✸✸Lexington decided tohead toDixon to ask why. This being an anxious andlitigiousage, Reagan’s river beach is closed now. But the YMCA that trained him in lifesaving (and where he paraded as a drum major) still hires lifeguards. This summer finds one of them, Lexi Nelson, 18, between high school and community college, where she will study dental hygiene. Perhaps a quarter of her friends are working this season. The rest have mixed views of her job, which can start at five in the morning. “When I get up early theybash onit,” Miss Nelson reports, “but most of the time they’re jealous of the money.” Lifeguarding in an indoor pool is not the most exciting job, sheconcedes, but that teaches patience.

The Irish used turnips as their "Jack's lanterns" originally. But when the immigrants came to America, they found that pumpkins were far more plentiful than turnips. So the Jack-O-Lantern in America was a hollowed-out pumpkin, lit with an ember.

I wanted you to be aware of that !

1) head to 英 [hed tu:]   美 [hɛd tu]  引至,通到;<非正>引出结果

So, although some cults may have adopted Halloween as their favorite "holiday," the day itself did not grow out of evil practices. It grew out of the rituals of Celts celebrating a new year, and out of Medieva l prayer rituals of Europeans. And today, even many churches have Halloween parties or pumpkin carving events for the kids. After all, the day itself is only as evil as one cares to make it.


He was dressed in white from head to toe.

In China TaoistMaster know very well about dark force that hurt people !



2) litigious 英 [lɪˈtɪdʒəs]   美 [lɪˈtɪdʒəs]  dj.好打官司的;好冲突的

today inFrance, the interministery commission of vigilance against the sects andsatanism have send a warning to parents due to the growth of black mass andsatanism around the world ! look even more and more cartoon have a satanictaste !!!

Brazil is not a litigious society.



the Godand the Bad are fighting since ever ! I fight the badsince ever ! Burn incense that day and pray for your kids to protect them !!! ifsome of you want more information about the satanic Halloween day. You can askme !

3) bash on 英 [bæʃ ɔn]   美 [bæʃ ɑn]  舍身取义地接二连三


4) concedes v.认可( concede的第六个人称单数 );出让,容许;承认(竞赛、选举等战败

If Theschool celebrate Halloween, I will not bring Sean to schoo . my position is irrevocable!!!

But, he also concedes, it comes with a price.

I do notwant my kids to celebrate demons and Satan...!!!



✸✸The story of the vanishing job is not a simple one. Ask teenagers, their employers and the mayor ofDixon—a business-owner who hires teenagers each summer ata pair ofsandwich shops and a frozen yogurt store—and they point to two main causes: well-meaning adults and a changing economy.

May Godprotect our Children! I told you i do not want him.to be part of any Halloweenactivities ! but any activities ....from drawing a pumpkin to put any of thosecostumes ! I am totally... against  thisevent ! and will go on the beach with him for few days to avoid him to bearound all this Halloween commercial products that you can see everywhere ..

1) a pair of 英 [ə pɛə ɔv]   美 [e pɛr ʌv]  一双

指望上帝爱慕大家的儿女! 作者说过,笔者不想让她参预万圣节的别的活动,从画番瓜到穿奇装异服的其余活动!作者完全反对万圣节!为了幸免Sean被随处可见的万圣节商业产品所包围,我会带她去海滩待些日子.

He put on a pair of short pants and an undershirt.

As yousaid on your previous message that you will start today to prepare Halloween.So i did not brought him! ....................


Why doyou celebrate Halloween ? what is it that you think  funny ?

✸✸Reagan’sstirringexample is still taught in Dixon, a trim, conservative town, with an equestrian statue of the president on its river front and loudspeakers on lamp-posts that play the Carpenters and other easy-listening classics. But many parents discourage teens from working, it is widely agreed. Parents instead tell their children to study, take summer courses, volunteer or practise for sports that might help them compete for college places.

what isit the origin and the meaning of this festival ? have you search ???

1) stirring 英 [ˈstɜ:rɪŋ]   美 [9159com金沙网站,ˈstə:rɪŋ]  adj.激动人心的;鼓舞人心的;令人激情澎湃的 v.激起(stir的ing形式) n.萌动;出现;酝酿 ;初步


The Prime Minister made a stirring speech




✸✸Local keepers of the Reagan flame see a town stillfilled withopportunities for self-advancement. Patrick Gorman, director of the Ronald Reagan Boyhood Home, a museum that preserves a house rented by the president’s family in Dixon, is confident that anyone who wants a job can find one, even if it might be “detasseling” corn—picking pollen tassels from growing corn cobs, anarduoussummer task traditionally reserved for the young, involving cold mornings, baking middays and scratches from corn leaves. MrGorman easily found six teenagers to volunteer as museum guides: “Good kids migrate to good kids,” he beams.


1) fill with 英 [fil wið]   美 [fɪl wɪð]  (使)充[挤]满;使满怀(某种心思等)

theeducation of my Kids is to explain them that the demon is not a nice person,that the witches are not funny persons .that in the tradition of my family weknow the reason why we do not celebrate halloween ! Chinese does no goesoutside their home late at night during the ghosts month ... Right ?

The Dutch developed a custom by which children put out shoes which Saint Nicholas would fill with gifts when he came visiting.



The31october is the first day of the Satanic calendar! The day of celebration ofthe Demon... Satan ! and the biggest numbers of black mass in the world willoccur that day  !.

2) arduous 英 [ˈɑ:djuəs]   美 [ˈɑ:rdʒuəs]   adj.辛劳的;努力的;难战胜的;陡峭的


The task was more arduous than he had calculated.



You canthink i am too much ! too extreme ! As a spiritual person i tell you......

✸✸Not all teenagers have the same needs. The three lifeguards interviewed at the YMCA are either college-bound or plan to be, and part-time work suits them. Bosses at the “Y” note that youngsters with only a high-school education typically have a different goal: landing a full-time job with health insurance and benefits.​

it isjust a matter of knowing the subject as everything ! when you know you can talk... Right !

✸✸Liandro Arellano Jr., Dixon’s mayor, argues that teenage job prospects have been complicated by well-intentioned politicians raising the state-wide minimum wage to $8.25 an hour. For that pay it is both tempting and possible to hire college students or older workers with a proven job record, references and the ability to turn up on time, says Mr Arellano, a Republican. The youngest workers, below 18, earn $7.75 but need more training, and those aged 15 need work permits and cannot touch slicers or big bread knives. Larger economic forces have buffeted Dixon, too. After thecredit crunchof 2008, a flood oflaid-offfactory workers and experienced adults wanted to work for Mr Arellano. With unemployment rates now below 5% in Dixon, applicants for entry-level jobs are getting younger again. Teenagers can be fine summer helpers, he says—“They’re very excited about their first job”—though keeping them off smartphones is “a constant battle”.

if youdon know you are a victim !

1) credit crunch 英 [ˈkredit krʌntʃ]   美 [ˈkrɛdɪt krʌntʃ]  信用紧张


The industry suffered particularly badly in the credit crunch.



Mynumerous traditional Chinese friends have the same point of view ! we don'tcelebrate the demons !

2) laid-off  ['leɪdɒf]   美 ['leɪdɒf]  adj.被解雇的


This in turn relieves the problem of laid-off workers in the city.

Pray foryour Kids ! I love mine i protect him . and Pray for him !



✸✸Buy that teenager an alarm clock​


✸✸Nationwide, affluent white teenagers have historically been much more likely to take summer jobs than lower-income, nonwhite youths. Family connections help, and it is easier to find work at a golf course or tennis club than amid inner-city blight. Though big cities like Chicago, 100 miles from Dixon, have government-run schemes thatprodemployers to offer summer work, demand exceeds supply: last year 77,000 Chicago youths applied for 31,000 summer jobs or internships. For all that, some of Mr Arellano’s worst staff have been youngsters who do not need the money or want a job reference: they are the ones who quit without warning to go on a family holiday.Well-offparents are not always “super-supportive”, he sighs.


1) prod 英 [prɒd]   美 [prɑ:d]  n.刺针,刺棒;激情,激励 vt. 激情;捅;促使…行动;(用指头或尖物)戳

He prodded Murray with the shotgun


2) well-off 英 ['wel'ɔ:f]   美 [ˈwɛlˈɔf]  adj.顺遂的,有利的;走运的,幸运的;手头宽裕的,富有的;丰硕的,如火如荼的

I am well-off for winter clothing.


短语:well-off society 英 [ˈwelˈɔ:f səˈsaiəti]   美 [ˈwɛlˈɔf səˈsaɪɪti]  小康社会

Building the well-off society will put forward the new demand to human capacity building in an all-round way.


✸✸Some parents may question the value of manual work in an age of high-tech change. But an elite educationcounts forlittle without self-discipline and resilience. Drudgery can teach humility: when hauling boxes, a brain full of algebra matters less than a teen’s muscles. At best, it canbreachthe social barriers that harm democracy. Summer jobs are called all-American for a reason.

1) count for 英 [kaunt fɔ:]   美 [kaʊnt fɔr]  有价值,有根本

When I first came to college I realised that brainpower didn't count for much


短语:count for much 英 [kaunt fɔ: mʌtʃ]   美 [kaʊnt fɔr mʌtʃ]  v.关系重大

When I first came to college I realised that brainpower didn't count for much


2) breach 英 [bri:tʃ]   美 [britʃ]  n.违背;破坏;缺口;破裂 vt. 攻破;破坏,违反

The newspaper breached the code of conduct on privacy


短语:breach of contract  [bri:tʃ ɔv kənˈtrækt]   美 [britʃ ʌv ˈkɑnˌtrækt]  违反条款,违背约定

It's clearly a breach of contract.


breach of faith 英 [bri:tʃ ɔv feiθ]   美 [britʃ ʌv feθ]  违背规定,违背诺言(尤指不施行婚约)

For instance, would it be a breach of faith?


breach of statutory duty 英 [bri:tʃ ɔv ˈstætjutəri ˈdju:ti]  美 [britʃ ʌv ˈstætʃəˌtɔri ˈduti]  [法] 违反法定职责

The defendant is in breach of his statutory duty.