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If late nights and a bit of instability don’t intimidate you, it may be time to start freelancing.

职场双语:幸免各个英特网求职的不当 Don’t just hit up the big guys. 不要只是只瞄准大型的选聘网址。 Big-name websites like Monster and CareerBuilder are wonderful resources for online job hunting, but don’t stop there. They charge fees that some smaller companies can’t afford or don’t believe in paying. Make sure to check out smaller job boards or job board aggregates such as indeed.com to find more online gigs. 大网址的确会为求职者提供更加多的劳作机缘,但也断然不用忽略Mini的求职网址。不能免去部分小商铺不也许向大网址支付登广告的开支,所以记得也无须漏掉迷你的求职网。 Don’t use your company’s email to job-hunt. 不要用在职公司邮箱投递简历。 伊芙n if your company says it’s OK to use their email server to send out resumes, don’t do it. You can get in trouble with your existing company, plus it won’t look like a move in good taste to the prospective employer if you use your work email. Another setback: If you’re contacted in the future and are no longer at your current job, you’ll miss the message. Set up one email account with a professional handle (your name, for example) and stick to that. 即正是您的企业报告您能够用集团邮箱投递别的事业的简历,也休想那么干!除了冒着得罪现存老总的生死存亡以外,即使跳槽、那几个邮件地址则或者时时失效,因此错过一些对你很重点的选聘消息。 Don’t blast off your resume. 不要随处乱投简历。 Blast out your resume, but with some personal attention. Don’t just fire it off into the Internet abyss. More importantly, a customized cover letter can go a long way to win over an employer, so be sure to take the time to customize one as best you can. 不要把一份统一式样的简历漫天投。你的简历应该有指向、使集团感觉是特别为应聘这么些一定岗位而来。那样技术获取越来越多面试机缘。 Consider your privacy. 保留少数个人隐衷。 While you may not want to post your contact information, that’s OK for many people who see it as a move from someone who is Internet-savvy. Be sure to check out the privacy settings when posting your resume and do what feels right for you--and for your future career. 投简历是不要把具有个人音讯都表露给对方公司,大家不会由此而生气,反倒会感到是成熟网络使用者的做法。

Social Media Strategy


1. PET-SIT 照应宠物


Energy Fitness Campaign


If babysitting isn’t your cup of tea but fur babies are, you can turn your love of animals into a lucrative side job. There are plenty of online platforms that will set you up with pet-sitting gigs.

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Introduction to Campaign

Don’t Wait Any Longer – Start Your Own Business and Stop Building Someone Else’s Empire

The Autonomy and freedom you’ll gain by working for yourself is something that you won’t get in a job, even working for the best boss.  It’s true, self employment isn’t always easy.  On the contrary, you should prepare yourself for struggles in the beginning.  However, the rewards can be great.  Even if you have only an average business, you control your own destiny and will enjoy irrefutable financial perks that you can’t working for someone else.

In case you’re wondering, I started my current business in 2000.  It’s no household name, but we are fairly well known in Tampa Bay, Florida.  I’m not just bragging, but my little company, Digicor, Inc. gives me the freedom to pursue my writing endeavors.   I’m able to spend four or five hours a day writing, a vocation for which I receive no income.  I write because I enjoy it and have hopes of retiring into it in a few years. For now, the only way I can do this is because I have a business with an established customer base, that practically runs on auto pilot.

Many posts that promise similar information as this are written by people who have never run a business.  Those people have no clue what they’re talking about.  Unless you’ve successfully persevered and have made your living from a business, how could you write anything credible?  You couldn’t.

I love to see the entrepreneurial spirit in action.  Genuinely, it gives me more satisfaction to see an individual succeed as a small business owner than it does for me to see that a fortune 500 company hit record profits.  The economy depends hugely on small business’ contributions to our Gross National Product.

So, without further adieu –


I’ve been writing more and more lately about how people all over the world arefreelancing to make a living. In recent years it’s become more economical for companiesto findas well asmanage their freelancers.Roughlya third of the U.S. workforceengaged in some amount of freelance work last year.

The overall purpose of business is to increase the quantity of customers. Using its marketing platform, Energy Fitness can increase its retention rate so costumers remain customers for longer periods of time. Greater number of satisfied customers usually means higher return on investment, higher profitability and reduced risks. A unique social media strategy consistent with it’s existing marketing strategy, positions Energy Fitness favorably against its competitors. Additionally, social media is a medium to educate people about the features, functions and benefits of the energy fitness product. And research shows increasing interest in high quality gym memberships – a great opportunity for Energy Fitness to capture more market share.

7 Compelling Reasons You Need to Start The Business You’ve Always Wanted:

  1. You are not building anything for yourself by doing someone else’s grunt work.  Perhaps you’re a professional engineer, or a lawyer or a trades person.  Whatever, you do for someone else, you could be doing for yourself – building your own base of customers and establishing your own reputation for future repeat business.
  2.  Start while you have the energy, knowing that by the time you’re tired, you will have something of value built to sell to someone else.   I don’t want to disenfranchise you from the idea of starting you own gig, but you’ve got to know its best to start while you’ve still got some fire in your furnace.  If you wait, sadly, you may never take action on your ideas.

    #### So many people live within unhappy circumstances and yet will not take the initiative to change their situation because they are conditioned to a life of security, conformity, and conservation, all of which may appear to give one peace of mind, but in reality, nothing is more damaging to the adventurous spirit.

    – Christopher McCandless – explorer, author

  3. Every ounce of effort you put into your job will return many times more, if you invest that same effort into building your own business.  I’ve seen countless individuals with tremendous amounts of skill and talent who stay in the same position, year in and year out.  If only they would realize they could do the same thing, helping clients get what they want, they too would be business owners and reap the rewards.

  4. Don’t remain a servant to someone else’s desires.  Unless you’re in a strong union, your existence in your job exists only to the extent that you please your boss or bosses. Servants rarely rise to the top.  As owner of your own start up business, you are the boss and have the authority and control over what you decide to do and when you do it.
  5. You gain Freedom.   Sure, you may work long hours building your own business.  But, in a matter of time your efforts pay off and you are able to take off and run errands, take off early in the afternoon and have play time.  The joy you will feel from the freedom is something I can’t overstate.  Not to brag, but at 52 years of age, I work about 15 legitimate hours a week, pay my bills, have no debt, save money, and really have an easy going life.   My choice was to not chase after every dollar I could, but that may not be yours.  My joy comes from a low stress, debt free lifestyle, but yours may be to make lots of money and you may enjoy building an empire.  The beauty is, that when you work for yourself, you can choose what’s important to you.  My friend, that’s a huge benefit.

    #### This defines entrepreneur and entrepreneurship – the entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity.

    – Peter Drucker – Entrepreneur, author

  6. You will have more security in your own business.  What many people don’t understand is that once you’ve established your business, you can reinvent your business and change as your customer’s needs change.  If you work for a large company and the company doesn’t adapt well, you stand to loose your job with little or no warning.   The fact is, you have no control over your job or whether you’ll even have one, when you work for somebody else.

  7. You manage your own people and decide how many people you want to work for you.  Instead of being the worker bee all the time, you can eventually delegate the responsibilities and daily tasks to employees or independent contractors.  You control the workforce and all of the resources it takes to run your business.  The autonomy to do what you think is best is yours alone and your employees work to help you accomplish your goals.

If You Don’t Feel a Little Bit Nervous and Apprehensive, Something’s Wrong


When you start a business, its normal for you to feel uneasy.  You’ve put a plan together, gone over the details and have figured out how its all going to work.  Yet, you feel nervous and that scares you.  Perhaps you don’t know if you should be feeling that way.  Let me put your mind at ease.   I’ve started at least 6 businesses and have always felt similar to the description above at the start.  I wasn’t afraid, but I definitely had some nervous anxiety.

Call it anxious excitement, call it fear of failure if you must be negative.  Whatever it is, you can get through it by working your plan and staying focused on successfully achieving small goals.   That’s how I did it.   For instance, when I started selling copiers on my own, as a business,  I made lots of cold calls.  My experience gave me the confidence to know if I knocked on enough doors, talked to enough people and told them about my “great pricing and service”,  I would succeed.



In order for Energy Fitness to acquire more customers, particularly lead generation, it must understand and know its current customer as well as target customers. Also, we believe a strong connection should be made between customer and trainer. This involves knowing what clients want, value and how they evaluate options to make choices. It is safe to make the assumption; customers are customers because they desire to achieve a goal in the future. Some objectives may be weight loss, toning, muscle growth or relaxation. Recent research shows increases in prioritization for one’s personal fitness. Gym goers want the gym that maximizes a mixture of emotional, functional and economic goals. Emotional goals, like improving self-image by exercising, is the highest buyer level which our recommendations tap into.

Nerves Tell You You’re Alive

Even though I knew I could do it, having done it all before, I was still on edge.  But, that was OK and I knew it.  I just made a goal of selling or leasing a machine each week in the beginning.  That was achievable and earned me enough money to pay some bills and put money into my little business.  The point that I want you to take away from that is that you should make the business as simple as possible in the beginning if its possible.  I know some businesses are very complex, so I ‘m assuming you are going to be the money maker in the beginning.  Just make a simple plan within the broader scope of the business and carry it out, one sale at a time until you get in a groove.

Once you’ve made some tangible successes, no matter how small, you should begin to feel less nervous.   This is when you really start to see the vision.   The more vivid your vision for your business becomes, the more likely you are to achieve it.  Once you really believe, you will see things more clearly.

The old adage that says I’ll believe it when I see it, should be you’ll see it once you believe it, because that is how the power of the mind works in business.








It may not be the most thrilling job in the world, but it’s a surefire way to make some money at home on Sunday mornings. These jobs typically involve manually transferring data from a print source or computer file to a spreadsheet. Freelance data entry gigs are often posted in online want ads, so peruse your local listings to find an opportunity.

However, most of these people just freelanced on the side, driving for Uber or doing some design to supplement a regular income.

Recommendations and Changes



In order to foster community and create customers, we recommend a segmented Facebook forum aligned to buyer’s goals. Achieving an emotional goal requires commitment and energy fitness offers a unique solution through an innovate website and top of line products. We believe it is to the benefit of energy fitness to continue social media strategy that highlights self image and healthy living.


Freelancing full time is a much more daunting prospect and requires significant thought before going ahead. Here are some ways to know if you’re ready.

A well-calibrated social media campaign is key to Energy Fitness’s marketing platform. As the organization continues to expand to new locations and to grow its customer base, a strong network of social media followers will contribute to the organization's objectives. It is crucial the brand maintain it’s brand image of luxury fitness, communal feel and signature training programs. Subsequently, we propose a social media platform consistent with the current brand image and reputation. Several tenants of the campaign are recommended below:

If you’re strategic about it, you can get paid simply for sharing your thoughts with companies and answering a few biographical questions. If you do your research, you’ll find that plenty of reliable outlets will let you earn hard cash for filling out questionnaires. Focus groups are another route worth investigating. These, too, pay you for providing feedback on products, and some companies arrange online focus groups, so you'll never have to leave your couch.


  1. E.N.E.R.G.Y. Facebook Forum


1. You’re Self-Motivated(自小编激励)

To foster brand involvement, we recommend Energy Fitness create Facebook groups centered around like mind gym goers. Groups would be based on gym objectives and align demographics and interests. We believe fostering community through proactive Facebook posting will create customer intimacy. This can be achieved even more by developing personalized attention. Trainers can highlight milestones, landmarks and progress made by their students. Also, a forum platform allows trainers to render weight lifting tips and techniques. It provides a place where all fitness attendees can post, discuss and share experiences at energy fitness. Also, it is an energy fitness forum, through which, people can discuss common interests, set communal gym times and talk about local shops and day and night life. Each forum will be specific to the geographic territory since most goers consistently attend the same location. Also, Facebook groups provide a friendly forum for trainers to interact with trainees for scheduling conflicts or to answer questions trainees have from home on an ongoing basis. This also allows a chance to render feedback. Trainers can then take that feedback and tailor classes and programs accordingly.

4. TUTOR 家教

This is the hardest part of freelancing for many people. In a traditional job you are accountable to a boss. As a freelancer, you spend a lot of time accountable to yourself. You must have the drive and discipline to find new clients, stay on track with deadlines and collect on payments.

  1. Motivation Message of the Day

You may not have finished your degree yet, but you have valuable skills and knowledge that you can share with other students. Tutoring opportunities for local elementary and high school students will likely be easy to find on local job listings and classified ads. If you’d rather work from the comfort of your dorm room, there are online tutoring services that will match you up with students.


One of the advertising technique found on energy fitnesses website are pictures blocks that transform into motivation quotes. These can be released in the morning or at night, both times when people are in need of energy. Often people remaining lethargic and not feeling like going to the gym is a problem. Motivation, at the right time, will get people up and energized, ready for a work out plan.


A lot of the successful freelancers I’ve seen were once bosses themselves, so they have the experience and knowledge to just apply it to their own work. In the competitive San Francisco Bay Area where I live, high levels of success often depend on just how much of a self-motivator you are.

  1. Personalized and group Energy Fitness application



This will get people immersed in the energy fitness environment and products from home. It can link up to the Facebook community pages, allow group discussion and scheduling. Also, it can be personalized to peoples training programs, where trainers release statistics for past workouts and set goals. Also, trainees can enter data to track their own progress and eating habits.

Freelancing isn’t just for writers and photographers anymore. Type “freelance websites” into any search engine and you’ll be flooded with results. If you have a skill or hobby, there’s a good chance someone wants to pay you for it, whether it’s setting up someone’s online dating profile, helping another student translate their German homework, or making customized birthday greeting videos.

2. You Value Dollars Over Benefits(你更爱护近金钱而不是有益)

  1. Online Energy Fitness Gym Classes


Since employers don’t have to pay freelancers benefits or payroll taxes, they generally command a higher hourly rate than full-time employees. That means you have to have a plan to get health insurance on your own and it means budgeting to save enough to pay taxes come April.

The technology of modern society permits fascinating things to occur that previously the world was incapable of. Recently, online classes have been executed at many universities and continues to see trending growth. Many people do workouts at home or on the fly. This is an opportunity to tap into a growing medium and pioneer a new way to workout. Often, people have some weights or exercise materials at home that can be supplemented by a live or recorded structured online class from real trainers. This adds a more convenience to energy fitness brand and reputation. Attendees can then discuss their workout plans, experiences and get to the trainer in the online forum. Successful people who achieve their goals will then be featured on Energy TV.

6. LEAD CamryNESS CLASSES 带强健身体课


  1. Energy TV

It can be challenging to find time to hit the gym when you’re juggling a full course load. If you’re really passionate about yoga, spinning, or a similar activity, though, you may be able to turn your workouts into paying gigs. Gyms and studios are often looking for instructors who can take on a class or two. If you’re knowledgeable and confident enough to lead a group through a workout, you can leave the gym with some extra money in your pocket.

(ps: 在中华夏族民共和国做自由职业者,一定要记得给协和上医治,社会养老保险等)

Energy TV is a webisode that highlights a member of the gym’s routine, goals and why they chose energy fitness. This is a chance for prospective gym goers to see the benefits of an energy fitness class and combine online and offline communication.


给你10个成为自由职业者的理由,双语阅读。3. You Value Flexibility Over Security  (你更偏向弹性专门的工作而不是男耕女织)


Freelancers have more flexibility to work on the projects they want and go about their work in the manner they prefer. On the flipside, since their income relies on always finding new clients or getting more work from existing ones, they can go from making lots of money to very little in a short time. You have to have a high tolerance for instability at times. Freelancing certainly isn’t for everyone.

This is another one of those jobs that can be done from home with very little effort. If you are a quick and accurate typist, this gig would be a cinch. Simply listen to videos or audio recordings and type what you hear into a document. A quick web search will likely turn up many options for services that are looking to hire aspiring transcriptionists, so you can find the opportunity that’s right for you.



4. You Want To Make A Career Move (你想要转行)


Maybe you’ve realized that you started down the wrong career track, but now it’s hard to get started in the new career you want to pursue. I’ve known a lot of people who support themselves by freelancing while they explore a new career path. Freelancing can also be a good way to get your foot in the door, gaining experience and making connections with people in your desired industry.

Businesses sometimes hire people to serve as “mystery shoppers.” The task varies from company to company, but you will most likely be sent to specific stores and be told what to purchase and what to say. For example, you may be told to ask specific questions at a retail outlet, or you may be asked to buy something and then immediately return it. After you’re done, you write up a narrative of your interaction or experience and send it off to the company.



5. You’re A 杰克-Of-All-Trades (你是二个万事通)


Some freelancers succeed by nailing down a specific skill, but many are able to quickly learn and adapt to new projects. If you love variety and pick up new subjects quickly, you might have what it takes to freelance.

If you have a knack for photography, you may want to consider selling your photographs to a stock photo agency. You’ll receive royalties each time your photos are downloaded, which could potentially provide a steady stream of income without you ever having to lift a finger.



6. You Crave Opportunity Now(你未来恨不得时机)

Corporate cultures tend to have an ingrained hierarchy and seniority can play a big role in advancement. There’s no such hierarchy in the freelance world. If you can show you have the skills, you can get the job. Freelancers might find themselves taking the lead on projects they would never get to touch as an employee in a company.


7. You Create Your Own Community (你创设了您自个儿的社会群体)

One big concern that keeps people from freelancing is that they’ll become isolated, spending all day at home on the computer and not being part of a work community. In order to live a balanced, happy life as a freelancer, you have to be able to build a community for yourself, whether that’s through friends, family or connecting with other freelancers. Meet people you talk to online in person if you can. Stay in touch with friends through Skype, G-chat and Facebook. Attending networking events is also an effective way to build relationships, both personal and professional.


8. You Like Big Vacations (And Don’t Mind Late Nights)你兴奋完整的休假(不介意熬夜)

The beauty of being a freelancer is that it’s much easier to get vacation time than you could as a traditional employee. Just stop taking new jobs for a while. You can even work remotely if you absolutely have to get something done while on vacation. One of the downsides? Unless you’re supernaturally disciplined, the work may pile up on you at some point and, from time to time, you will end up having to work until the wee hours of the morning to hit deadlines.


9. You’re Confident(你很自信)

A full-time freelance career is not for the faint of heart. You have to commit, and be assured in your own ability to win new clients, deliver strong work and be able to pay the bills. It’s hard to convince potential clients to believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself.


10. You’re Passionate(你满载激情)

There are plenty of good reasons to freelance full time. However, ask just about anyone who’s taken that path, and they’ll give you the same answer. They want to do what they love and freelancing was the best way to follow that path. The best freelancers love their work and do it with passion.