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Tourists Convergevi.相交;汇聚;converge on 汇集 on Washington to See Cherry BlossomsCherry Blossoms 樱花; blossom n.花;vi.开花


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Every spring, cherry blossoms bloom in Japan, and it is an occasion for national celebration. Picnics, picture-taking, parties, and excursions to observe the trees in all their ephemeral glory abound. The traditional nature festivities are enjoyed by people of all ages and visitors from around the world who come to enjoy hanami, or flower viewing.


Tourists are starting to converge on Washington for one of the capital's greatest Springtime celebrations: the blooming of the cherry trees.

The U.S. Park Service says the recent cold snapcold snap 寒汛期; did not affect the bloom dates for the trees. The blossoms could last up to ten days, weather permittingweather permitting 如果天气良好.

"It is just a gorgeousadj.令人愉快的;华丽的,灿烂的,好极了 day and they said it would be peakn.巅峰;最佳状态 blossoms, and it is about halfway, I'd say. Its pretty, but I'd say by the weekend it is going to be even prettier," said Connie Santora, a visitor to the nation's capital who was gazinggaze vi.凝视 at the flowering trees.
“真是令人愉快的一天啊,他们说现在这些花只开到一半,她们还将开到最旺盛,我觉得她们很美,但是到周末的时候她们会更美”,到此而来的游客 Connie Santora 凝望着这些花说道。

This year's peak bloom period coincidescoincide vi.同时发生 with the opening of the National Cherry Blossom Festival.

The cherry trees are a symbol of an enduringendure v.持续 relationship with the people of Japan, who gifted the trees to the United States.



(改1)The oak tree, the average life span of which is about 600 years, is credited to be the undisputed king of the western world which can grow to the height of more than 40 meters.




改1:开头要把oak tree整体的印象写出来,争取把每个部分的特点都涵盖在内。


However, when the trees bloom in fall—as an unusually large number of them have done this season—it could be cause for concern. Due to extreme weather and a slew of recent typhoons, most notably the destructive Typhoon Jebi, which hit in early September, it seems some iconic trees have grown confused, sprouting flowers off-schedule.

木棉花 Kapok

The oak tree, the king of the western world, has the majesty look with its thick trunk and dense leaves which fall away in winter and then appear in the next spring—a cycle repeating for about 600 years.




The oak tree has a deep, broad root system to draw water and minerals from the soil, and transmit these nutrients from the root to the rest of the tree. Above the ground, the thick trunk covered with dark, brownish bark grows straight upward, and branches out toward the top, providing shade for travelers and animals in the heat of the day. (改2)​On each branch, leaves are spirally arranged with rounded lobes along the edges. The chlorophyll in leaves plays an important role in undertaking photosynthesis, by which the oak tree can obtain energy from the sunlight and turn water and carbon dioxide into food. (改3)In autumn, the oak tree stops producing this kind of substance, and the leaves then turn orange or bronze, after which they fall away and are replaced by new leaves in the next cycle.

Flowering trees

While the phenomenon is not unheard of, it seems lots of trees have bloomed very early in Tokyo this autumn. As Hiroyuki Wada of the Flower Association of Japan told broadcaster NHK, “This has happened in the past, but I don’t remember seeing something of this scale.”

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Flowering trees bloom in spring
Yingchun, Populus euphratica, clove, Magnolia...
Flowering trees bloom in summer
Lilac, ginkgo, hibiscus, yellow jue orchid...
Flowering trees bloom in autumn
9159com金沙网站,Tea, osmanthus, rose, triangular plum …
Flowering trees bloom in winter
Bologna, daffodils, holly, poinsettia...


Kapok flowers color the river bank brilliant red in Changjiang, South China‘s Hainan province, Feb 24, 2018。 Most visitors here are self-driving travelers from across China。


On each branch, lobed leaves are spirally arranged where photosynthesis converts carbon dioxides and sunlight absorbed by chlorophyll into food, which is then passed down to the rest of the tree.

The flowering tree is not just the one of Xi Murong
There are many, many flowering trees
Like a lot of people who write poetry, they
Write in spring
In summer.
Write in autumn
Write in winter
They write so many poems all year round
Eulogize flowering trees
Like a tree.
Open so many flowers

Wada posits that warm weather caused by typhoons may have confused the trees. He notes, too, that many trees lost their foliage during storms and the leaves of the cherry blossom tree release a hormone that prevents budding except in spring. The trees only bloom once a year, so an autumnal display bars the traditional spring blossoms from appearing on the same tree.


改3:对于叶子颜色的变化 季节更替可以换更好的表达方式

Flowering trees know that flowers wither
But she only drives it once a year.
The man who writes the poem knows that the poem will eventually be flooded
But I'm not tired of writing it every day.


郁金香 Tulip

The oak tree stops producing chlorophyll in autumn, so the leaves loses its green but puts on more red, orange and bronze. Winter will see the whole tree falls asleep with bare branches—waiting for life to revive in the next spring.

Flowering trees and poetry writers
With an innate consensus.
For the faith in the heart.
All of us will never turn back.

The meteorological company Weathernews says that more than 300 individuals in Tokyo have reported autumnal blossoms, although it’s not clear the extent to which these reports overlap. Wada says that the traditional viewing season should not be seriously impacted by the unusual display of blossoms.


Oak trees start blooming when they reach the age of 20. The formation of blooms depends on weather conditions and different tree species. Roughly speaking, white oaks bloom in March, two weeks earlier than red oaks, and they are all in full blossom in April. Oak trees bear both male and female flowers, which means they self-pollinate. (改4)The male flowers hanging in clusters produce pollen, while inconspicuous female flowers hidden among twisted branches produce seed—a small oval nut called acorn. The acorn usually contains a hard seed, enclosed in a tough, leathery shell, and borne in a cup-shaped carpel. It usually takes 1 to 2 years for acorns to mature before dropping from the tree, depending on the climate.


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The cherry blossom forecast, published annually by the Japan Meteorological Corporation, has not yet been released for 2019. Kyuhoshi, a travel website, says, “This year, sakura have bloomed earlier than average.”

Full-bloomed tulips attract thousands of tourists in Lishui, East China‘s Zhejiang province, Feb 25, 2018。 Over 210,000 tulips are grown in the flowering and blooming season, which is from mid-January to March。[Photo/VCG]


The male flowers hanging in clusters produce pollen, and the seeds—the acorns start to develop in those inconspicuous female flowers hidden among twisted branches. Acorns usually take one to two years to mature before dropping from the tree, which depends on the climate.



Traditionally, the sakura-viewing celebrations were meant to highlight the temporal beauty of nature. The flower viewing parties are believed to have started in the eighth century in Kyoto, initiated by the emperor Saga, who would hold picnics under the springtime blossoms. The festivities began in the daytime and sometimes continued late into the night, as guests enjoyed sake and the sight of the blooms by the light of the moon.

樱花 Cherry blossom



Extreme weather adds a new twist to the traditional reasoning behind appreciating the cherry blossoms mother nature offers. Now we know that her beauty is not only transient, a treat to be appreciated when she deigns to share her gifts on a brief annual basis, but that she is also surprising. Her delights may come when they are not expected and her treasures, it seems, are not always bound by strict schedules.

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The first patch of cherry trees has flowered on the campus of Wuhan University in Wuhan, Central China‘s Hubei province, Feb 25, 2018。 The university, boasting a cherry tree garden, hosts the Cherry Blossom Festival every spring。 [Photo/VCG]



海棠花 Begonia flower


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Blooming begonia trees on a bright spring day form an enchanting picture at Muochou Lake Park in Nanjing, East China‘s Jiangsu province, Feb 27, 2018。 [Photo/VCG]



豌豆花 Snow pea flower


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Delicate snow pea flowers herald nature‘s resurrection in the springtime in the countryside of Suichuan county in Ji’an, East China‘s Jiangxi province, Feb 26, 2018。 [Photo/VCG]



紫荆花 Bauhinia


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Known as the city of flowers, Guangzhou in South China is bathed in dreamy pink bauhinia flowers。 A stand of blooming trees in front of a residential building on Renmin North Road broadcasts the arrival of spring, Feb 28, 2018。 [Photo/VCG]



红梅花 Red plum blossom


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Red plum blossoms are set off by an azure sky in front of an ancient pavilion at Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum in Nanjing, East China‘s Jiangsu province, Feb 27, 2018。[Photo/VCG]



李花 Plum flower


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With more rain and higher temperatures, the over-100-year-old plum trees thrive in Rong‘an county in Liuzhou, South China’s Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, Feb 20, 2018。 [Photo/VCG]



油菜花Cole flower


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A blooming cole flower field near the high-speed railroad adds a golden shade to the rural landscape in Rongjiang county, Southeast China‘s Guizhou province, Feb 24, 2018。 [Photo/VCG]