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Day 17

Chinese emperor and eunuches were speaking English in Forbidden City...A funny foreign movie, but also a thought-provoking one, especially when I'm a student major in history.

I confess that I was considerably shocked by this fresh proof  of my companion’s theories.

1【A Cat's Language】The mother rat and her babies are playing in the garden.A fat cat is coming to catch them for dinner.The mother rat and her babies try to run away, but the baby rats cannot run fast, the fat cat is getting closer and closer. Suddenly, the mother rat stops running and turns around.She shouts at the cat like an angry dog,"woof,woof,woof". The cat is afraid and runs away.The mother rat turns to her babies and says,"Now you see how important it is to learn a foreign language?"

An attendant at a popular garden in the heart of Tokyo has cost the facility millions of yen because he was “too frightened” to ask foreign visitors to pay the admission fee.


Puyi was the last Emperor of China. He had many characteristics similar with other "last emperor"s in each dynasty of ancient China. They were usually very young when they were put reigning. They lived luxuriously with thier countless women and they didn't know anything about their suffering people who were ready to revolt...

My respect for his powers of analysis increased greatly.

2【It is part of the game】Mom is washing  plates in the kitchen.Kate and her brother Dave are playing games in the living room.Kate is making a lot of noise.Mom says:"Kate,why do you yell and scream so much? You are going to wake up your grandma. Please play quietly like Dave,see,he doesn't  make a sound."Kate says, "Of course he doesn't,mom,it is part of the game, he is daddy coming home late and I am you!"


When Mr Smith retired(退休), he bought a small __1__ in a village near the sea. He_2__  it and hoped to live a quiet life in this house.  But to his great surprise, many tourists came to see his house in summer holidays, for it was the most __3__  building in the village. From morning to night there were __4__ outside the house. They kept looking into the rooms through the window sand__5__ of them even went into Mr Smith’s garden. This was too much for Mr Smith. He decided to ask the visitors to__6__ . So he put a notice on the window. The notice said,“If you want___7_ your curiosity(好奇心),come in and look round. Price: twenty dollars.”Mr Smith was sure that the visitors would __8__  coming, but he was wrong. More and morevisitors came and Mr Smith had to __9__  every day showing them around his house.“I came here to _10___  not to work as a guide(导游),”he said angrily. In the end, he sold the house and moved away.  

9159com金沙网站,But Puyi, different from the other "last emperor"s of other dynasties, was the only one who was used by the foreigners, especially Japanese. Japanese Teno wanted to control the Manchouria(Northeast of China), he used Puyi as an figurehead.

However, there still remained some suspicion in my mind that the whole thing was pre-arranged, intended  to dazzle me.

3【the best present 】Ben and Ted are good friends. They always play together. One day,Ted sees a water gun in Ben's hand and he asks:" Who gave you the gun?"  "my grandpa," Ben says," and this is the best present I've ever had " "Why? "Ted asks. "When I play with it,I get everything wet, so my mom gives me five dollars for not playing with it " Ben answers .

The attendant, who is in his early 70s, admitted failing to collect the fees for Shinjuku Gyoen national garden after an investigation was launched following a tip-off by another employee.

(   )1.A. garden  B. shop  C. house   D. school  

Although he was a reactionary in our text books, I believe he was innocent. He's just a boy who was isolated from the troublous world, living in the palace with his butterfly and little mouse. Japanese Teno was using him bcz he was the emperor of Qing. He shouldn't be punished as an individual. He's also a worshipful life, a good man.

When I looked at him, he had finished reading the note.

4【I have his ear in my pocket 】Tim is a naughty boy. He often fights with his classmates at school. One day,Tim comes home with a blood nose. His mother asks," Tim,what happened ""a big kid beat me " Tim answers. His mom is very angry to hear this .She asks,"Would  you recognize him when you see him again?"asks his mother."I know him anywhere. " says Tim,"I have his ear in my pocket "


(   )2. A. liked     B. hated  C. sold   D. built  

In 1960s, a young man asked him "who are you".

9159com金沙网站英文小故事,八年级英语期末冲刺day17。“How in the world did you figure that out?” I asked.

5【my dog doesn't bite】Mike walks into a pet shop and sees a little white dog. He asks the shopkeeper,"Does your dog bite?"The shopkeeper says,"No,My dog doesn't bite.""what a nice dog!"Mike says to himself ,then he bents down and tries to touch the dog. The dog bites him."Ouch!" He cries," You said your dog didn't  bite." The shopkeeper replies  " That is not my dog."

The unnamed man, who has since retired, reportedly said he had stopped collecting admission fees of 200 yen for adults and 50 yen for children in April 2014, and had continued to allow foreign visitors in free of charge for about two and a half years.

(   )3. A. big  B. interesting C. small   D. clean 

He said, "I'm a gardener."

“Figure what out?” said he.

6【I was not lost】Bob is an old man. He often walks his dog in the street after dinner and comes back home at seven o'clock. One evening a  car stops at his house. A policeman helps Bob get out of the car. The policeman says to Bob's wife,"This old man got lost in the street.He asked me to take him home in the car. " After the police leaves ,Bob's wife asks,"Bob, you go to that street every day, how could you get lost?""I was not lost.It was too hot .I just didn't  want to go home on foot." Bob answers.


(   )4. A. children   B.students  C. parents  D. tourists 

Dear Puyi, Do you really want to be a gardener? Don't you want to be the emperor again?

“That he was a retired sergeant(中士) of Marines(海军).”

7【I broke them all】Little Rose is watching TV. Her mother asks,"Rose,what's on TV" "A guy is drinking a glass of Coke through  his nose ""Stop watching that stupid thing. Please go to the shop and buy some eggs for me.""Ok,mom""Be careful not to choose any bad ones." After half an hour later ,Rose comes back home with a yellow plastic bag. Her mother takes the bag and looks inside,"what is it ?" She asks."eggs ,of course."Rose says,"I broke them all. Everyone is good.""Are you joking?"Her mother asks.

As a result an estimated 160,000 people entered the garden – located a short walk from Shinjuku’s skyscrapers and the world’s busiest railway station – without paying.

(   )5. A. no  B. none   C. many  D. much  

If I were you, I would love to be a gardener rather than the last emperor, or a figurehead.

“I have no time for such simple games,” he answered.

8【A man with a gun】It's a sunny day.A woman gets off the bus and goes into a butcher shop to buy some meat.A strange man follows her into the shop and stands behind her. Suddenly,the woman screams  and the man turns  and runs out of the shop. At the same time ,some policemen are passing by and they find a gun in the man's pocket. The man is a robber."Madam,thank you very much,your scream saved me."the butcher said "But how did you know he was a robber ?"the butcher asks. "I didn't know."replied the woman," I screamed because the meat was too expensive."


(  )6. A.come  B. leave   C. stay  D. play  

Actually I cried again...when I saw Puyi was walking in the Forbidden City again. He was a humpbacked old man, and it was already in People Republic of China. He might remember he was playing with his little mouse right here in 1910s, also he was jumping again and again in his Emperor's big golden seat.

Then with a smile he said, “Excuse my rudeness.You broke the line of thought, but perhaps it is as well.

9【Just use a pencil 】Tom is a little boy.He is cute but also very naughty. One evening,he eats a ball point pen.His mom quickly calls the doctor."Excuse me,Doctor,my son ate a ball point pen. Please come to my house at once. " "I am sorry but it's too late.I am already in  bed "the doctor refused  to help."then what should I do ?"mom says anxiously."Don't worry,mom,you can just use a pencil."Tom says in pain.

The environment ministry, which manages the garden, said this week that it had lost at least 25 million yen as a result.

(  )7. A. tosatisfy B. satisfy   C. to satisfying D.satisfying  

Things are always like this. The whole world had changed. Most of the people in this country believed they would be better, but others thought history were playing tricks on them...

So you actually were not able to see that that man was a sergeant of Marines?”

10【A smart answer 】Mark's father has a farm.It's far away from the city. One day,Mark goes to the farm with his father by car. On the farm,Mark sees many hens.He looks at the hens and a question comes to his mind.He asks his father ,  "Why are the hens' legs so short,daddy ?" Mark's father  smiles and says ."If the hens' legs are long,they will drop their eggs into pieces."Daddy,you are so smart.You know everything!" Mark says.


(  )8. A. goon  B. stop   C. continue D. not  

“No, indeed.”

Local reports said the man told ministry investigators that being yelled at by a non-Japanese visitor years ago had made him wary of overseas guests.

(  )9. A.take  B. cost   C. spend  D. pay  

“It was easier to know it than to explain why I knew it.


(  )10. A.play  B. work   C. watch  D. retire

If you were asked to prove that two and two made four, you might find some difficulty, and yet you are quite sure of the fact.

"I don’t speak any other languages and I got scared when a foreigner began yelling at me a long time ago,” he told ministry officials, according to SoraNews24.

Even across the street I could see a great blue anchor tattooed on the back of the fellow’s hand.


That smelled of the sea.

The man handed out tickets without charging for them, then asked a colleague with access to the garden’s database to cancel the sales so there would be no discrepancy between recorded and actual revenue.

He had a military carriage, however, and a regulation military haircut.


There we have the marine.

The ruse worked until late December 2016 when another member of staff witnessed him behaving strangely when issuing a ticket to a foreign visitor and alerted management.

He was a man with some amount of self-importance and a certain air of command.


You must have observed the way in which he held his head.

The errant employee was docked 10% of his salary, according to the?Sankei Shimbun?newspaper. He asked to take retirement and offered to return half of his retirement bonus, or about 300,000 yen.

His face also showed that he was a steady, respectable, middle-aged man—all facts which led me to believe that he had been a sergeant.”


“Wonderful!” I said.

“No—very ordinary,” said Holmes, though I thought from his expression that he was pleased at my evident surprise and admiration.

“I said just now that there were no criminals.

It appears that I am wrong—look at this!”

He threw me over the note which the gentleman had brought.

“Oh,” I cried, as I cast my eye over it, “this is terrible!”

“It does seem to be a little out of the common,” he remarked, calmly.

“Would you mind reading it to me aloud?”

This is the letter which I read to him—

“My dear Mr. Sherlock Holmes:

“There has been a bad business during the night at 3, Lauriston Gardens, off the Brixton Road.

Our man on the beat saw a light there about two in the morning, and as the house was an empty one, he thought that something was wrong.

He found the door open, and in the front room he discovered the body of a gentleman.

The gentleman was well-dressed, and had cards in his pocket bearing the name of ‘Enoch J. Drebber, Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A.’

There had been no robbery, nor is there any evidence as to how the man met his death.

There are marks of blood in the room, but there is no wound upon his body.

Indeed, the whole affair is a mystery.

If you can come round to the house any time before twelve, you will find me there.

I have left everything as it is until I hear from you.

If you are unable to come I will give you fuller details, and would be grateful if you would do this favor for me.

“Yours faithfully, TOBIAS GREGSON.”

“Get your hat,” Holmes said.

“You wish me to come?”

“Yes, if you have nothing better to do.”

A minute later we were both in a cab, driving for the Brixton Road.

When Holmes insisted upon stopping and finishing our journey upon foot, we were still a hundred yards or so from the house.

Number 3, Lauriston Gardens wore an unlucky and threatening look.

It was one of four houses which stood back some little way from the street, two being occupied and two empty.

The latter looked out with three levels of windows, all blank and dull, except here and there a “For Rent” card was placed on the glass.

The whole place was very muddy from the rain which had fallen through the night.

The garden was surrounded by a three-foot brick wall with wood railings upon the top.

I had imagined that Sherlock Holmes would at once have hurried into the house and rushed into a study of the mystery.

But it appeared that that was not his intention.

He acted very calmly; he walked up and down the pavement, and gazed vacantly at the ground, the sky, the opposite houses and the line of fence railings.

Having finished his observation, he proceeded slowly down the path keeping his eyes focused upon the ground.

Twice he stopped, and once I saw him smile, and heard him utter a sound of satisfaction.

There were many marks of footsteps upon the wet soil, but since the police had been coming and going over it, I was unable to see how my companion could hope to learn anything from it.

But I had no doubt that he could see a great deal which was hidden from me, as I had seen his amazing power before.

At the door of the house, we were met by a tall, white-faced, blonde-haired man, with a notebook in his hand.

He rushed forward and shook my companion’s hand.

“It is indeed kind of you to come,” he said, “I have had everything left untouched.”

“Except that!” my friend answered, pointing at the path.

“If a herd of buffaloes had passed through there could not be a greater mess.

No doubt, however, you had drawn your own conclusions, Gregson, before you permitted this.”

“I have had so much to do inside the house,” the detective said.

“My coworker, Mr. Lestrade, is here. I had depended upon him to look after this.”

Holmes glanced at me and raised his eyebrows.

“With two such men as yourself and Lestrade upon the ground, there will not be much for a third party to find out,” he said.

Gregson rubbed his hands in a self-satisfied way.

“I think we have done all that can be done,” he answered, “it’s an unusual case though, and I knew your taste for such things.”

“You did not come here in a cab?” asked Sherlock Holmes.

“No, sir.” “Nor Lestrade?” “No, sir.”

“Then let us go and look at the room.”

With this irrelevant remark, he walked into the house, followed by Gregson.