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China will hold Olympic Winter Games in 2022


17th. February 2017

Homework written by a school kid in ancient Egypt has been preserved since the second century A.D. And the words on the slab may sound familiar to any kid whose parents worry about them falling in with a bad crowd.

Get Rid of Bad Habits改掉坏习惯


Is school education the same throughout the United Kingdom?


We all have certain kinds of bad habits. For teenagers, it is very important to get rid of bad habits。我们都有各种各样的坏习惯。对于青少年来说,改掉这些坏习惯是非常重要的。

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首推最感人的,来自yuanbelinda的 父亲 !

There are fundamental similarities. For instance, all boys and girls must attend full-time education until the age of 16. Many pupils stay on at school after that age to prepare themselves for university or other careers. In the independent schools, most pupils stay at school until the age of 18 and nearly all pupils go on to university after they leave school.

An ancient lesson preserved on a wood-mounted wax slab about the size of a Kindle reads: "You should accept advice from a wise man only" and "You cannot trust all your friends."

Let's take the habits of talking in class as an example. If we talk in class, we can't listen to the teachers carefully. Of course, we can't understand the teachers, and can't finish our homework easily after class. Some students have to copy others' homework when the teachers ask us to hand it in. Then we will get weak in our school lessons and we will become a bad student in the teachers' eyes. Besides, talking in class maybe influences some other students。让我们以上课说话为例。如果我们上课说话,我们就不能注意听讲,当然不能很好的理解老师所讲的内容,课后就不能轻易完成老师的作业。当老师要求我们交作业时,一些同学不得不去抄袭其他同学的作业。然后我们的功课会变得很差,我们将会变成一个老师眼中的坏学生。不仅如此,在上课说话还会影响其他的学生。

Bach announced Beijing as the host city of 2022 Winter Olympics.

My childhood hero was my father. He was the headmaster of a professional school.He was a very strict and serious person, so nearly all of the students were afraid of him,so did I. But I remembered once a time, my mother left home for almost two weeks, my father took the responsibility for my daily life. He taught me how to cook different foods,such as dumplings,noodles,meat pie and fried rice. We did the foods in our imaginations. It was really an unforgettable happy time between father and me. My father left us for nearly ten years,he didn't have the chance to see my little happy family and my cute and lovely boy. It's really a pity for me. I always meet him in my dreams. I really miss him.

There are also significant divergences between practice in England and Wales, on the one hand, and Scotland.


So, we must get rid of bad habits at once. 因此,我们必须立刻改掉坏习惯。

International Olympic Committee announced China as the host city of 2022 Olympic Winter Games on the 128th general assembly, 31th July in Kuala Lumpur. Beijing beat Alma-Ata, Kazakhstanwith 44 versus 40 vote, becoming the first city who host both the Winter and Summer Olympic Games.

引用Effy老师的话: wow, that really touched me.真的,感同身受。

In England and Wales, the government introduced a National Curriculum in

Acquired by the British Library in 1892, the tablet hasn't been publicly displayed since the 1970s. The homework slab will be featured in an upcoming British Library exhibit called "Writing: Making Your Mark," which traces the evolution of writing over 5,000 years of human history, library representatives said in a statement.


Among the 85 voting committee members, one abstained. IOC used new electronic voting system, but something wrong with the system so they had to vote by writing on the paper. After the troubles, Beijing won with 44 votes by a narrow margin. In the future seven years, together with Zhangjiakou, Beijing will show their attraction in winter and leave an unforgettable mark on the Olympic history.


  1. This provides a framework for education between the ages of 5 -
  2. All state schools are required to follow it. Independent schools are not required to follow the National Curriculum in all its details, but they must show that they provide a good all-round education and they are inspected regularly every few years.



On the moment Bach announcing Beijing in the convention center, all the members of Beijing Bidding Winter Olympic Games Delegation jumped and hugged to celebrate the victory. Beijing has hosted Summer Olympic Games successfully in 2008, and now the ancient capital of China is welcoming another blossom of Olympic in 2022.

  1. Effy老师. 父亲

How many subjects do HMC Projects scholars study?

i) Advanced levels: For the Advanced Level programme (Key Stage 5), nearly all pupils study three or, exceptionally, four subjects for two years and take examinations in these only at the end of the second year. They may also take one or even two additional subjects for one year only at Advanced Subsidiary (AS) level and take examinations in these at the end of the year. Some schools will offer examinations at AS level to pupils in those subjects they are studying for A level at the end of the first year of the two-year course. Universities use Advanced Levels as entry qualifications.

ii) Scottish Highers: Students will take at least five subjects at Higher Level, reducing to three or four for their Advanced Higher courses.

iii) International Baccalaureate (IB): Increasing numbers of HMC schools are taking pupils for the International Baccalaureate, which is a parallel course to Advanced Levels and equally well used by universities for entry qualifications. The IB requires students to take courses in six subjects, three at higher level and three at lower level. Students are also required to take a course in the theory of knowledge, to write a long essay and to undertake some community service. This course is very similar to the Baccalaureate courses which are commonly studied in Europe.

On the wax tablet is a two-part lesson in Greek that provides a snapshot of daily life for a pupil attending primary school in Egypt about 1,800 years ago, exhibit co-curator Peter Toth, also a curator of ancient and medieval manuscripts at the British Library, told Live Science in an email.


See the games and showgirls in China joy

My childhood hero was my father. He and my mom decided that we three children must all go to college so we could build a different future for ourselves. I remember him working so many hours every day for that dream to come true. And it did. [微笑]Until today, he keeps telling people that that was the single greatest achievement in his life.

How is the daily timetable organised?

Each school organises its timetable differently. Lessons might last 35, 40, 45, 55 or 60 minutes! For each subject, a student will attend classes for about 5 hours a week, and is also expected to undertake at least 6 hours private study. Students will usually also attend classes in General Studies, or Philosophy, or other similar subjects. There will also be time given to Physical Education or Sport, whether or not these are taken as subjects for studying. In England and Wales and in some Scottish schools the two years of Advanced Level, or International Baccalaureate study are often called "Sixth Form", but - once again - each school is different!

What activities are organised outside lessons?

Along with sport, schools offer a substantial programme of "extra-curricular activities"; that is, activities which are able to offer students a wide range of experiences, intellectual, cultural and relaxing. Music, drama, science and literary societies are offered in all schools, and there will be opportunities for outdoor education and other leisure activities. Visits to theatres and concerts, to places relevant to the courses of study (such as art galleries and museums, religious centres or historical sites, scientific companies and projects) are all part of life in a school Sixth Form.

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The English education system has an excellent reputation with students from the UK and around the world attending school here. The system is overseen by the Department for Education and the Department for Business

  • Innovation and Skills. Local authorities (LAs) are responsible for implementing policy for public education and state schools at a regional level.



3.栖于. 父亲

The British school system

Education is mandatory from ages 5 to 16 (to be raised to 18 in 2013 for 16-year-olds and 2015 for 17-year-olds). Students may then continue their secondary studies for two years (sixth form), with most students taking A-level qualifications. Other qualifications and courses include Business and Technology Education Council (BTEC) qualifications, the International Baccalaureate (IB) and the Cambridge Pre-U.

The 2 systems are the States schools and the independent schools (or Public schools). The State schools get State funds and are regulated by a Local Education Authority. Most of the State schools are either Comprehensive, Foundation or Grammar schools and Free Schools (set-up by local parents and run by organisations, like Foundation schools).

A Comprehensive school is a secondary school that does not select children on the basis of academic attainment or aptitude.

Grammar schools : selective school through the 11 plus exam (about 10% of "gifted" children pass the exam). The system is often blamed for elitism.

Independent schools or Public schools : private schools, charge fees.

A the end of the compulsory period at 16, all students pass the GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) exam. If it's successful it's then possible to attend a 2 year preparation in a College or a Sixth Form Centre (in State schools or Public schools) to pass the A-Levels. Pupils choose usually 3 subjects to pass for their exam and get a notation with the highest grade being A.

About 90% of the English pupils are in State schools. But be careful: they can be very good or a disaster! You better double check the quality of the schools you are about to choose. Performance of the school to the GCSE and A-levels exams for example may be helpful.

One part of the assignment was a writing exercise. The slab displays a teacher's written example in the first line, and the next two lines contain the same words copied "rather clumsily" in the student's hand, much as primary students today copy lines penned by their teachers, Toth said. The rest of the homework included a multiplication table and reading exercises.


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My Childhood hero was my father.He's very tall.When I was young he always put me ride on his neck.And he writes a good hand.He wrote my name in my exercise book.My classmates said that your father's writing is really good.I was proud of my father.

Stages of Education

The education system is divided into:

Nursery (ages 0–3) and Pre-school Nursery (ages 3–4)

Primary education (ages 4–11)

Secondary education (ages 11–18)

Tertiary education (ages 18 )



Showgirls on China joy


Early Education

From 0 to 3, Children can attend nursery schools. They are private schools and can be very expensive in London, in average (depending on location) from £50/day to £120/day. Once you have booked specific days per week (from 1 to 5) it is not possible to change them (you may be able to swap days on specific occasion with a fee) and it is expected that you will pay the nursery 12 months a year (even when your child is on holiday or sick). You can stop the nursery with a 1 to 3 months notice. Time for nursery may vary, usually 8am to 6.30pm (some of them only open from 9am to 3:15pm).

All providers are regulated, inspected and reports are available on the Office for Standards in Education

Children aged 3 to 4 are entitled to a free nursery school (the pre-school grant is paid by the Council and may be worth ~£2300/year). Formal primary education begins in the year they turn 5. The school year begins on 1 September (or 1 August if a term starts in August).

State primary schools are free, but their admission is usually subject to a catchment area (this process resulting into the usual question: "Where in London should you move for the best state primary schools?"), which can be very small for popular schools with best results to Ofsted inspection (sometime only a few hundred meters). All maintained schools in England are required to follow the National Curriculum, which is made up of twelve subjects. The core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science are compulsory for all students aged 5 to 16.

Though the name and sex of the tablet's owner is unknown, the child was likely a boy from a wealthy family, as formal education in ancient Egypt was typically reserved for males of privilege, according to the Royal Ontario Museum.


The 13th China Joy (also named China International Exhibition of Digital Interactive Entertainment) was held on 30th July, 2015, which will last for 4 days in Shanghai. This year, China joy occupied 120 thousand square meters, with more than 800 exhibitors and 3500 games participating the exhibition worldwide.

My childhood hero was my mother. She did a lot of things for me and she was a very hardworking and strong person. I remember some of the things she did. As a leader, she led our neighbors to buy and sell cotton and earned much money at that time. She always got up at 4:00 am to buy the cotton in a very far area and got home very late. She was never afraid of any difficulties and always tried to find a solution. Although, she has some weakness, but I still think she is a great hero in my heart.

Secondary School

Pupils progress from primary to secondary levels at age 11. A few areas have three-tier education systems with an intermediate middle level from age 9 to 13.

Under the National Curriculum, all pupils undergo National Curriculum Tests (NCTs) towards the ends of Key Stage 2 in the core subjects of Literacy, Numeracy and Science. Pupils normally take GCSE exams in the last two years of Key Stage 4, but may also choose to work towards the attainment of alternative qualifications, such as the GNVQ.

The Sixth Form (sometimes referred to as Key Stage 5) describes the years 12 and 13 of the schooling system. This the final (optional) two years of secondary education, where students, usually sixteen to eighteen years of age, prepare for their A-level (or equivalent) examinations.



Theme for this round is To make happiness easier.And different from the past, the host announced the strictest dressing code for showgirls, forbidding them wearing too little clothing.But showgirls are still the most attracting on every exhibition stand, with beautiful faces and dances.

5.王铭. 父亲

Private School

Private Schools can offer an elevated environment of learning for some students. Other schools offer a specialty focus that may be worth paying extra for. It is important to visit a school to determine the best fit for you and your child. Most private schools have open days for prospective parents, but it is wise to ask to make an appointment to visit on a normal working day. Questions you may want to ask:

Special needs: Does the school have facilities and suitably qualified and experienced staff to look after any special needs your child may have? Is there a program for gifted and talented children or special provision for those with physical disabilities? Is their a language requirement that could aid your child?

Curriculum: Is it broad and balanced? Will your child have an adequate range of options? Are there specialist teachers?

The staff: How well qualified are they? Is there reasonable staff stability? Do the teachers stay long in post?

Extra activities: Does the school offer an exciting extra-curricular activities programme that will stimulate your child's interest? If you are considering boarding school, you will want to know what activities the school provides for children in the evening and at weekends.

Exam results: High in the "league tables" indicates success with standardized tests

ACS Hillingdon International School

Address: Hillingdon, London UB10 0BE

Aston House School

Address: 10 Montpelier Road, Ealing, London, W5 2PQ

Buxlow Prepatory School

Address: 5/6 Castleton Gardens, Wembley, Middlesex, HA9 7QJ

City of London School

Address: Queen Victoria Street, London, EC4V 3AL


Address: Donhead Lodge, 33 Edge Hill, Wimbledon, London SW19 4NP

Herne Hill School

Address: The Old Vicarage, 127 Herne Hill, London SE24 9LY

More House School

Address: 22-24 Pont Street, London SW1X 0AA

Norfolk House School

Address: 10 Muswell Avenue, Muswell Hill, London, N10 2EG


Address: Shepherd's Way, Brookmans Park, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, AL9 6NS

RIMU Music Prepatory School

Address: 95 Old Dover Road, Blackheath, London, SE38SJ

St. Christopher's Prepatory School

Address: 71 Wembley Park Drive, Wembley Park, London, HA9 8HE

Lines copied by this long-ago student were not just for practicing penmanship; they were also intended to impart moral lessons. "It's not only the hands and fingers but also the mind that is being instructed here," Toth said.


As the biggest game exhibition, China joy provides a feast of game culture for all game lovers around world, with various game and digital interactive equipment since 2004, the firs China joy. Every year in Shanghai, people can appreciate the wonderful banquet of games. If you miss it this year, don’t be regretful. See you next year.

My childhood hero was my father he was a very impatient person 。my injured foot at a time ,can't walk。my father back me to and from school every day ,back more than four months,l love my father。


Fees range from school to school so make sure to compare. There are occasional grants and scholarships for worthy students, but they are competitive. Ask at the school for opportunities.

Example of prices per term:

Pre-Prep (age 2/3-7): 1000 to 1500 GBP

Junior/Prep (age 7-11/13) Day Classes: 1,400 to 4,250 GBP

Junior/Prep (age 7-11/13) Boarding: 2,055 to 5,010 GBP

Senior (age 11/13-18) Day Classes: 3,360 to 5,390 GBP

Senior (age 11/13-18) Boarding: 5,640 to 8,360 GBP

Extra activities like instrumental instruction, school uniforms, or school trips may require additional fees. Many private schools have their own second-hand shops selling uniforms and other supplies.



Who’s National Husband? A swimmer?

6.静A lei. 母亲

Boarding Schools

The world models boarding schools on the classic British boarding school. There is usually a dormitory, the refectory, and the study hall. Boarding schools may be all-boarding or flexible boarding, or offer weekly boarding. This allows students the opportunity to return home on weekends or only stay at the school occasionally. Boarding schools were declining during the 1990's, but have received a small revival which may be due to the "Harry Potter" effect.

Homework slabs like this one were made by pouring melted, blackened wax into a rectangular depression at the center of a wooden tablet. Once the wax cooled, teachers and students could use a metal stylus to scratch letters that appeared as a lighter color against the dark background.


My  childhood hero  was my mother.she was a very industrious woman.I have five sisters,when  l  was  young.My father WAS  ofen ill,because  he had a serious stomach trouble and operated on.So all the farm work at home was my  mother to make.She  was  very hard,but she could make many foods to  us!We were love her very  much! Ten years ago,my  mother because not careful,fell of from two floor.Luckly was  okay yet.we were very happy and hugged.I think this is God bless us!

International Baccalaureate (IB)

9159com金沙网站:孩提偶像,改掉坏习贯。The IB program is offered by a number of private schools. It is taught under the supervision of the International Baccalaureate Organisation. All students study languages, social science, experimental science, mathematics and arts.

The IB is divided into three programmes covering the following age ranges:

Primary Years Programme (PYP) ages 3-12

Middle Years Programme (MYP) ages 11-16

Diploma Programme (DP) ages 16-18



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7.宏 母亲

University studies in England

Many elite universities are in England. British universities are known for their illustrious history and research output. Students normally enter university at age 18 and a bachelor's degree is usually awarded after four years of study.

"A" Level : it is a group of certificates according to the choice of the student. Getting 3 certificates allows to continue at University level.

Short Cycle

Long Cycle

Higher National Diploma: 2 years

First degree: only honours will allow the student to go to Higher Degrees.

Wax typically breaks down in the presence of moisture, so the region's dry climate likely helped to protect the tablet, "preserving the clumsy handwriting of a primary school pupil from almost two millennia ago," Toth said.


Ning Zetao

My childhood hero is my mother. She was a civil servant. In the era of material deprivation, she always as much as possible to my little brother and I had bought books. She loves life. Dragon Boat Festival she makes traditional Chinese rice-pudding, Mid-Autumn Festival she will take our full moon, the Spring Festival she wrapped round billow dumplings. Lantern Festival she will fry Lantern Festival.

Ordinary Degree :

B.Eng (Bachelor of Engineering): 1 additional year in Scotland and called Ordinary Degree with honours)

B.Art (Bachelor of Art)

B.Sc (Bachelor of Science)

Diploma or Certificate: 1 year

Post Graduate:

Master's Degree by research: 1 to 2 years with dossier presentation



Ning Zetao, a Chinese professional swimmer won the first prize in the Men’s 100m Freestyle, FINA World Championships. He is also the first Asian who won the prize.

She always told me with his brother, money is outside the thing, oneself is the most important. Virtually, she deeply affected me, no matter what kind of environment, should have an optimistic, upward attitude towards life. Whenever I encounter setbacks, my mother will always say to me: "Tomorrow will be a new day, the method is more than difficult!" I love her!2.12晨补上的,读后我忍不住写下:

Master Degree

M.Eng (Master of Engineering)

M.Art (Master of Art)

M.Sc (Master of Science)

Master's Degree by instruction: 1 year with an exam at the end

Doctor's Degree

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD): 3 years of research

Doctor of Letters and Doctor of Science: grant a group of works and articles published


The state does not control university syllabi, but it influences admission procedures through the Office for Fair Access (OfFA). The universities in the United Kingdom share an undergraduate admission system. Applications must be made by October 15th for admissions to Oxford and Cambridge and by January 15th for admissions to other UK universities.

University of Oxford - Located in Oxford, this is the second-oldest surviving university in the world and the oldest in the English-speaking world. Most undergraduate teaching at Oxford is organized around weekly tutorials at self-governing colleges and halls, supported by classes, lectures and laboratory work organized by University faculties and departments. Oxford regularly contends with Cambridge for first place in the league tables and is consistently ranked in the world's top 10 universities.

University of Cambridge - The seventh-oldest university globally, the university grew out of an association of scholars in the city of Cambridge. Cambridge ranks as one of the most prestigious universities in the world with graduates of the University winning a total of 65 Nobel Prizes.

University College London - This is a public research university located in London. It is the oldest and largest constituent college of the federal University of London. UCL's main campus is located in the Bloomsbury area of Central London.

Imperial College London - Officially known as the Imperial College of Science, this is a public research university located in South Kensington in London.

London School of Economics - The London School of Economics and Political Science is a public research university. Based in Westminster, it is among the world's most selective universities.

Along with the homework slab, the exhibition brings together over 100 artifacts from the British Library collections to explore examples of writing from ancient civilizations to modern cultures. Objects include stone monuments bearing Egyptian hieroglyphs; a copy of the literary classic "Ulysses" annotated by author James Joyce; musical notes penned by Mozart; and contemporary tattooing instruments.


Men’s 100m Freestyle is the program that was listed in the first Olympic, whose champion is called Flying Fish. It is the most influential swimming program. It is said that Men’s 100m Track & Field is the world of black, 50m and 100m Freestyle are the world of white. It seems incredible that a Chinese won the gold. But Ning made it. Now he becomes the so called National Husband of China.



London's scholarly reputation is not without merit. The city has a distinguished literary tradition and many fine libraries.

The London Library - The London Library is the UK's leading literary institution and the world's largest independent lending library. It offers more than one million books with a collection spanning works from the 16th century to the latest publications. Membership is open to everyone on payment of an annual subscription.

Other libraries can be found on the City of London's Libraries. The site includes locations, a mobile app, and free audiobook downloads.


1.get rid of:摆脱

Some people asked on the Internet: Why does he become the national husband? Super fans answer: good appearance, muscular body and most important, champion as well as hero. People are all talking about him on the TV shows, weibo (an online sharing platform like twitter), and newspaper. They are discussing his appearance, the record he made and how to be his wife. Yes, girls are crazy about him.


2. Weigh up the advantages and disadvantages

So you will be leaving Sixth Form soon and have to decide whether to take that place at University or join the world of work.

For a lucky few, your chosen career path is clear: you wish to be an doctor and you need to go to Uni, plain and simple. For others – probably the majority of students, the next few years are a blank canvas, and you are left wondering whether investing three or four years is University is likely to pay the dividends you are looking for.

9159com金沙网站 35

Before you make the decision, you should take time to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of going to University. This blog post sets out to give you some of the questions you should be asking yourself.

2.of course:当然

Are out kids tough enough? Chinese school— What if traditional Chinese teacher teaches Britain students?

9159com金沙网站 36


– The chance to specialise: If you have a passionate love for history, you dream of a career as a barrister or you are a budding Stephen Hawking, University is an ideal place to encounter great thinkers. If you are lucky enough to encounter lecturer and tutors who are as passionate about your field as you are, it can be intensely rewarding. Your Professors will accompany you along the most important areas of your subject provide important reading lists and keep you abreast of new developments in your chosen subject. It is no wonder that most graduates look back on their University days as the most mentally stimulating of their life.

– University is a good investment: Despite the high fees many Universities in the UK can charge (currently £9,000), a tertiary education continues to pay dividends. The Office for National Statistics indicates that graduates are more likely to be employed than those with a lower-standard education. Indeed, non-graduates aged 21 to 30 have consistently higher unemployment rates.

Graduates also have the lion’s share of skilled jobs and the choice of University is relevant as well: graduates from top Universities earn higher salaries than those from other institutions. You should be aware that the rewards for study are likely to come later: on average, graduates aged 21 earn a lower gross annual wage than students who opt for an apprenticeship. This is owing to the fact that new University graduates will have just entered the labour market or may take time to find a job in their chosen field.

It all levels out in time, though: those with apprenticeships earn less than graduates from age 25 onwards. According to Labour Force Survey figures, over a 40-year working lifetime, a graduate will earn £415,320 more than those who have not studied for a degree. Net lifecycle earnings are increased by 28 per cent for male graduates, and by 53 per cent for female graduates.

– Meet new people: If you have been at the same secondary school for the past seven years, chances are, you are used to moving in the same social circle. University offers the chance to encounter people of all ages and from different backgrounds, which can broaden your horizons and enlighten you on different habits, customs and ways of thinking. University offers the unique opportunity to meet people from other countries and to immerse yourself in their culture and traditions.

– University can teach you about entrepreneurship: The QAA report, Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Education: Guidance for UK Higher Education Providers , highlights the important role good Universities can play, not just in creating experts in specialist fields, but also in instilling an entrepreneurial spirit in students. After all, if you have invested a great deal of time and money in your education, you should develop the skills you need to make the most of your degree, by being aware of your capacity to manage and exploit your intellectual assets, or even consider self-employment or the establishment of a start-up business!

– The value of independence: University can boost your confidence in your own abilities, especially if you opt for an institution which is far from your hometown. Tasks that may seem arduous (doing your own cooking, ironing, shopping) are actually great teachers of skills like time management and budgeting. Moving away from home for the first time also teaches you to establish your own limits (curfews, visits which are or aren’t allowed to your home, etc.). Being independent likewise encourages you to be responsible with your freedom.

– Finding new interests: University offers such a wide range of activities, opportunities and incentives that you will be hard pressed to keep your choice of extra-curricular activities to a minimum. Hone your skills in writing by joining the editorial staff of the student newspaper or sign up for a film club or equal opportunities group. University is as much about discovering yourself and others, as it is about obtaining a degree; make the most of this unique opportunity and aim to have fun while you learn.

– A positive outlook: It seems that opting for a University education has positive effects on one’s mental and physical wellbeing. A study commissioned by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) has found that graduates are les likely to suffer from depression, obesity or an addiction to smoking. They are also more likely to vote, help their children in the pursuit of an education and enjoy a higher sense of wellbeing.

Interestingly, a study carried out in the USA has found that graduates with a bachelor’s degree have a life expectancy of almost nine years longer than those who have not obtained a high school diploma. Graduates also tend to be more integrated into their respective communities, becoming involved in volunteering and other pursuits, which are beneficial to the community at large.

3.hand in:上交



– Irrelevance to your future career: If your chosen job does not require University training, then a find a three- or four-year stint in University may be a waste of time.

– The Expense: The thought of graduating with a student debt of £27,000 can discourage many students from pursuing a tertiary education. Indeed, BBC news recently reported that the rise in fees had led to a 17 per cent drop in UK undergraduates. The case is especially grim for part-time students, who are more likely to come from disadvantaged backgrounds to begin with, and who may find the fees simply too high to afford.

I hope that you have found this Jane Book possibly provided some food for thought in your decision whether to go to University.


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9.瞿海霞  Wendy. 哥哥

Strict Chinese teachers

My childhood hero was my brother. He was good at painting. He had a fantastic imagine. I remembered he taught me how to draw a person head. The head has big eyes,sharpen ears, long neck. It's too exaggerateD.

Pupil Bohunt School in Lophook is one of top comprehensive pupil school in Britain. The school recently invited 5 traditional Chinese teacher from leading schools in China to teach 50 grade nine pupils for four weeks. And BBC films the process as a documentary.

He insisted on his dream to become a good painter. Through his hard work and study, now he has become he wanted to be.

Reason for why the school do this is that according to some newspaper, Britain students cannot perform well on the academic achievement. Teachers wonder what if they put traditional Chinese teaching methods on theses student, which is extremely strict and high disciplined.


But it seems didn’t work. Students are compelled to a 12-hour everyday study, start from 7 am to 7 pm, full of classes and homework. They are also required to sit silent on the cheers when teachers are teaching, no questions, no talking and writing down everything. Students started to reject.

My childhood hero was my brother .He was an intelligent boy.I thought he could make everything ,like kites, wooden bikes,even he made a recorder by himself.

Also, Chinese teachers feel it difficult to teach these “nosing and naughty” children. Because in China, students are all silent on class, everyone is disciplined. 

He was a great rider,he took me to visit many place by bike.Of course,he took care of me very much,I remember he took me to go to school in an early morning in a winter,but it was too cold that I couldn't hold the bike  and I fell off  it.He held me tight and put my hands on his skin to helped me to keep warm.

One of the teachers said:"In China, we don’t need classroom management skills because everyone is disciplined by nature, by families, by societies."

I was very proud of my brother and my classmates were all  jealous of me.I love my brother.

The experiment is still on going. See what will happen in the future.

  1. HASL贾毅.姐姐

My childhood hero was my sister.She was a intelligent girl.And we all absolutly love her .And we were playing games when we at school.She always was winner.And she studied very hard.She was just fantastic.

12.夏翚-深圳. 最优秀的姐姐

My childhood hero was my elder sister,Xiaxiaoyan. She is six years older than me,and we were studying in the same school during our student days. My elder sister was“三好学生”every year and I could often see my sister's name on the school's honor roll. I absolutely

adored her. And I remember some of interesting things. When I became a senior high school student, almost all of the teachers was my sister's teachers, after I told the teachers the relationship between me and my sister, they all said"oh, your elder sister was a good student",and I could get the teachers's special care. And she also, she taught me how to study and help me to solve the difficult homework. The most impactful thing was I met a very very difficult math problem, I didn't know how to solve it and I started to cry. I was crying all the night. When I got up in the next morning, I found my elder sister had wroten the answer. My sister wrote the answer when I was sleeping. My elder sister was fantastic.


13.喜虎虎. 爷爷

My child hero was my grandpa .He is 84 years old this year.He is very diligence.He and my grandma brought up four children. My grandpa told four children must hard study! He said knowledge change fate. So His children all went to collage and worked in the city. Today he always tell us that must be study English. Because economic globlazation need to use it .I love my grandpa .I wish him healthy and longevity.

14.美丽人生. 爷爷

My childhood hero was my grandfather .He was a teacher. He taught  me mathematics ,ancient Chinese and ancient poetry.And he was a interesting man .He played game with me.When I fall ,he taught me,keep your chin up! Courage is the most important spirit he said! It helped me to went through many struggles to became a strong girl. In my life,he is the most important person! He has been dead for many years! Although memories of happier days were enshrined in my heart.

15.晨星启程. 叔叔

My childhood hero is my uncle, a primary school president,who is a very interesting person.

When I was young, I and my sister always met him each holiday. He loved children very much and used to invent many creative games. For example,  playing with us using a stick, chopsticks, like a big boy.

In one spring festival after his retirement, he and his wife came my home to have dinner. After he drank some wine, he changed a popular song and sang to my aunt, meilan meilan  I love you, with a red face and squint. My aunt was very shy. As if they were young couple falling in first love.

He always make others happy and relaxed.

16.Lynn Lu. 小姨

My childhood hero is my little aunt.She was the best student at school,like bright star. She is the first in the family to go to college.we all adored her. She was the first to bring me into English. I remember she told me “teacher”pronounce just like Chinese “铁锹”. She had told lots of interesting stories to me. she has good handwriting. In the past years, Our family's couplets are written by her.Nowadays she lives in Nanjing. I’ve been trying to learn her, but it’s so hard to achieve her. I am glad to blessing her everything will well.

17.邹婷. 很特别的电影角色 展昭

My childhood hero was a film character,zhan zhao.He did lots of things for people, and he was a justice person. I adored him very much.And then I wanted to marry him when I grow up ,I told myself that time.And I remember some of the things he did.One day,a bad man called "mouse "wanted to steal a treasure.And zhan zhao must to pretect it.So he made a enormous web, and waited beside the treasure day and night.He caught the "mouse "finally.What a good man he was.

18.应杰. 别致的一切身怀长处者皆英雄

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19.叶魏俊. 右派 唐宏建